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Assault Rifles

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Assault Rifles are the standard weapon of infantry. Assault Rifles are the best weapon for taking down units with heavy shields as they can send a lot of rounds down range. They come in a wide variety of designs, but their main feature is a high rate of fire, with a relatively high damage rate per shot.

Manufacturer Name Image Cost Damage Range Clip Description Special
Elkoss Combine M-8 Avenger M8avenger.png 2000 CSC,

+300 per rank

2d6, +1 per rank 100 yards 40 The standard assault rifle in use today Auto-Fire, Flurry
Elanus Risk Control Services Vindicator Vindicator.png 2500 CSC,

+350 per rank

2d6+1, +1 per rank 150 yards 20 A solid reliable heavy assault rifle, used by many shock troops and mercenarys. Auto-Fire, Flurry
Hahne-Kedar Revenant Revenant.jpg 3000 CSC,

+350 per rank

1d8, +1 per rank 100 yards 60 A high speed rifle that has heat control issues. Auto-Fire(Fires 20 shots, can hit with 10), Flurry
Kassa Fabrication M-96 Mattock Mattock.png 4000 CSC,

+350 per rank

2d6, +1 per rank 200 yards 30 Only fires in 3 round bursts, this rifle favors accuracy over numbers. Auto-Fire(Fires 3 shots, can hit with 3), Flurry, Penetrating (Armour), Penetrating (Force Field)
Jormangund Technology Striker Assault Rifle Striker.png 4000 CSC,

+300 per rank

2d10+1, +1 per rank 200 yards 8 A heavy rifle designed for Krogan, it fires high-impact slugs that detonate on contact. Requires 14 str or -1 to hit Area Effect, Flurry, Penetrating (Armour)

At Rank 2 one of the following abilities can be added to an Assault Rifle-These abilities modify the ammunition used in the Assault Rifle and once chosen can not be changed without a gunsmithing roll of 15.

Name Damage Effect
Armor Piercing -2 Ignores 5 points of armor
Flaming +3 Can set a flammable target on fire, Extra die does not effect shields
Freezing +0 Target loses 1 point of Dex per bullet for 1 minute
Shield Impacting +5 Extra damage only applies to shields
Shield Piercing +0 Ignores 5 points of shields

At Rank 4 one of the following abilities can be added to an Assault Rifle-these abilities modify the gun itself and once chosen can not be changed without a complete overhaul of the weapon.

Name Damage Effect
Accurate Scope +0 Reduce range penalties by 2
Assisted Targeting +0 Double the Crit range of the Rifle
High Velocity +0 Adds 2 ranks of Flurry to the Rifle
Large Caliber +1 die Clip size is cut in half
Tight Grouping +0 Additional rounds hit target with +3 to hit instead of +5

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