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Ammo allows the character to add special attack effects to normal weapons. Once the character chooses an 'ammo' type he can not change it until he chooses this attribute again. The character may choose to change what ammo is affecting his weapon with a simple action. The different effects of ammo do not stack, except extra damage, that may be added to another effect. Your rank in Ammo determines your special attack rank for purchased effects.

Effects you can purchase with Ammo

Attribute Cost Effect
Area Effect 1 The area radius is equivalent to 5 feet for every Special Attack Rank. All affected characters are allowed a Reflex Save for half damage.
Burning 1 If the initial attack damage penetrates the opponent's Armour, the target will suffer an additional 1 damage/Rank of the Special Attack each round for 5 rounds. Armour does not protect against the extra burning damage in subsequent rounds.
Extra Damage 1 Adds 1d8 damage to the weapon
Flare 1 If the target is hit the defending character may be blinded. Every target looking at the attack must roll a Fortitude save against DC 10 + 2 per Rank of the Special Attack. If a target character fails his or her Fortitude save, he or she is blinded for a number of combat rounds equal to the amount by which the save was failed. Sound may be chosen instead of, or in addition to, sight.
Incapacitating 3 This represents any form of attack that can instantly incapacitate a foe even if it does not inflict actual damage. Regardless of whether the attack does physical damage, the victim must make a saving throw(Fortitude) against DC 10 + 2 per Special Attack Rank to avoid being completely incapacitated.
Penetrating (Armour) 1 Armour does not stop damage from these attacks as efficiently as usual. Each time Penetrating (Armour) is assigned, Armour stops 5 less damage than normal from the attack (up to the Armour's maximum rating).
Penetrating (Force Field) 1 The Force Field a Barrier Attributes do not stop damage from these attacks as efficiently as usual. Each time Penetrating (Force Field) is assigned, the Force Field stops 5 less damage than normal from the attack (up to the Field's maximum rating).
Spreading 1 This type of attack spreads to cover an expanding area like a cone of energy or a spray of projectiles or energy bolts. The defender receives a -1 penalty to his or her Defense roll. Multiple adjacent targets in the attack path may also receive damage if they are lined up or in a dense formation, up to a maximum of one extra target for every Special Attack Rank. The Spreading Ability can be acquired multiple times; each one further penalizes the targets Defense roll by -1 and doubles the number of possible adjacent targets.
Stun 1 An attack with this Ability inflicts temporary damage such as an electric shock that shorts out electronics and renders people unconscious. Lost Hit Points are recovered or repaired at one Point every minute rather than at the normal rate. Stun damage cannot kill.
Tangle 2 This is a goo attack. The entanglement has 4 Hit Points for every Special Attack Rank. If a target does not successfully defend a Tangle attack, he or she is trapped until sufficient damage is delivered to the entanglement to reduce its Hit Points to zero or lower (at this point it is destroyed). A trapped character has restricted movement and attacks physically at a -4 penalty, cannot defend (ignore Dexterity bonuses for AC), and cannot perform actions that require complex gestures.

Defects may be linked to an attribute to lower the cost, but can not be linked to extra damage. Defects that may be linked are below.

Defect Cost Modifier Effect
Inaccurate -1 The attack is not as accurate as normal ones, and imposes a -4 penalty to all attack rolls. This Disability can be taken two or three times for a -8 or -12 penalty.
Limited Shots -1 The attack is only usable for a few combat rounds, after which it overheats. Assigning this Disability once means it can make up to six attacks; if taken twice, up to three attacks; if taken three times, only one attack. If the attack also has the Auto-Fire Ability (page 62), one Attack means a single Auto-Fire burst. It takes 3 rounds for the weapon to cool down enough to be used again.
Low Penetration -1 Any Armour, Force Field or Barrier Attribute stops an additional 10 damage.
No Damage -1 The attack does not deliver ordinary physical damage.
Short Range -1 This attack is only usable at fairly close range (effective range of about 30 feet).

Cost: 4 points per rank

Type: Tech

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