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Mass Effect Wearable Armors


Effects: In Mass Effect Armor does not make a character harder to hit, it makes them more resistant to damage. Armor usually also provides a boost to Tech Shields, and may also boost resistance to Biotic or Tech attacks.

Ranks: Armor in Mass Effect comes in ratings known as Ranks. All armor has a rank from 0-5, this rank may determine how much damage the armor soaks to special attributes like resisting Biotic attacks.

Sharing: Humans can not wear armor designed for Turians, and Turians can't wear armor designed for Elcor. In fact Asari, Humans Batarians, and Drell can share armor but no other races can. Two character may exchange armor if race permits and they are within 1' of height and 100 lbs of weight.

Special Armor: Elcor must pay 500 CSC more for Light Armor, but pay 500 CSC less for Heavy Armor as Light Armor is very rare for their build. There is no Medium or Heavy Hanar Armor, their build will not support the weight. If a Quarian or Volus chooses not to use their Personal Gear attribute on their new suit of armor the cost is increased 500 CSC to provide the seals and environment needed for their special requirements. They only have 1 suit of armor with this upgrade for free, though Personal Gear may be used to add a second suit to their arsenal, and the attribute may be changed from suit to suit at no cost, though at least 40 hours of work must be put in for that change.

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