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Mecha Name: Atlas

Mecha Type: Power Armor

Class: Assault support

Size: Large

Height: 10'

Weight: 5 tonnes

Hit Points: 50

Armour: 18

Force Field: 30

Defense: +6

Occupants: 1

Cargo: None

Strength: 40 (+15)

Land Speed: 20 mph

Maneuver: 0

Initiative: 0

Special Abilities: Flood Light, RE-Entry Shielding, Secure Microwave Communications, Radar Warning Receiver, Defensive Jammer, Radio Jammer, Life Support, Explosive Reactive Armour, Inertial Navigation System, GPS, 2 mile Infrared sensors, 1 mile Ladar, Stabilization Arms

Exotic Abilities:

Defects: One Handed

Required Skills/Feats:Pilot(Atlas)

Cost: 732 Mecha Points

Weapon Name Main Gun
Type Ballistic Range Increment 50'
Damage 3d10 Critical x2
Rate of Fire Automatic(10) Magazine Unlimited
Size Large Cost 99 Mecha Points, (50,000 CSC)
Notes Penetrating (Armour)
Weapon Name Missile Launcher
Type Explosive Range Increment 60'
Damage 3d12 Critical x20
Rate of Fire 1 every 3 rounds Magazine Unlimited
Size Large Cost 91 Mecha Points, (75,000 CSC)
Notes Semi-Active Radar Homing

Burning, 1d10 for 3 rounds

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