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Mass Effect Attributes

As characters advance they have access to these Attributes. Biotic Attributes can only be purchased by a Biotic character if they have the correct implants installed. This is an invasive process that requires 2 months to recover from, during this time the character can do very little besides train with their new Attribute and heal. Tech Attributes are acquired through special gear that needs to be purchased, or installed and is difficult to get unless it is included in your class. Once the gear is acquired it requires 4 weeks of training with 8 hour days to learn. Gaining either out of class Biotic or Tech Attributes during game will be handled on a case by case basis, but they will almost always cost money and time by the character. Training Attributes can be acquired through intense training by someone with the Attribute, around 4 weeks of 8 hour days, but require no special equipment to gain. This time must be spent for each rank you purchase in the out of class Training Attribute.

Biotic Tech Training
Barrier Ammo Armor
Biotic Mastery Computer Scanning Combination Attack
Charge Combat Drone Extra Attack
Force Field Mechanical Genius Extra Defenses
Healing Overload Massive Damage
Nova Regeneration Sneak Attack
Shockwave Sabotage
Singularity Tactical Cloak
Telekinesis Tech Armor

BESM Useable Attributes

These Attributes are BESM Attributes that can be purchased. They have the same requirements as listed above, unless listed with a *, then the Attribute has special requirements. These Attributes are found in the BESM Players Handbook.

Biotic Tech Training
Energy Bonus*

(No equipment or training needed)

Damn Healthy Animal Friendship
Features (Biotic Senses) Extra Arms Art of Distraction
Heightened Senses (Biotic Senses) *

(Training time only)

Features (Cybernetics) Attack Combat Mastery
Jumping Heightened Senses Aura of Command
Power Defense Jumping Defense Combat Mastery
Rejuvenation*(Training only) Divine Relationship *(No training needed)
Enhanced Ability
Flunkies *(No training needed)
Highly Skilled
Organizational Ties *

(Each organization has it's own rules for advancement)

Servant*(No training needed)
Wealth* (No training, but a reason is needed)

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