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Biotics manipulate mass effect fields using dozens of element zero nodules within their nervous system that react to electric stimuli from the brain. Bio-amps allow biotics to synchronize the nodules so they can form fields large and strong enough for practical use. Amplifiers can improve a specific attribute or skill. An implant is a surgically-embedded interface port into which amps are "plugged in". They are also known as 'wetware' because of their cybernetic nature. A Biotic may only use 1 Amp at a time. Some amps require the user to have a certain level of competence with biotic powers before they can be used. They must have a Base Attack+Biotic Mastery equal to the listed number, or the amp will not work.

Manufacturer Name Description Cost Biotic Base Attack Needed Improvements
Aldrin Labs Solaris Amp Standard Amp used by human forces, assigned to any Biotic in the alliance. 500 CSC 1 +1 to Biotic Skill rolls
Aldrin Labs Prodigy Amp A targeted Amp, it adds one rank to one attribute the Biotic possesses, chosen at the time of purchase. 500 CSC 1 +1 rank to one biotic attribute
Dah'tan Manufacturing Company Polaris An amp designed to enhance the offense power of any biotic power the user possesses. 750 CSC 4 +3 to damage done with biotic powers
Ariake Technologies Gemini Amp An amp designed to enhance to allow Biotics to recharge their abilities much faster then normal. 1500 CSC 6 All biotic powers gain the attribute Flurry, or reduce the disability Slow by 1 rank
Serrice Council Savant The top end of biotic-amps, not every Biotic can even make use of this device. Rarely seen on non-Asari, it has been known to kill less powerful Biotics who attempt to plug one in. 4000 CSC 10 All biotic powers gain one rank (any ability can be chosen for that rank, but once it is chosen that rank is set), +2 damage to all biotic attacks. 1 point of damage per round is done to the user for each Base Attack below 10 they posses if they install this amp.

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