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Bows are a throwback item not used by many people in this day and age. They are used mostly by hunter, purists, throwbacks and assassins. Modern materials have made the bow deadly against unshielded targets, but against shields most bows fall short, all bows have +1 low penetration against shields. Bows have limited ammunition compared to modern weapons, but do have a large number of specialty arrows available. They also have a large advantage for passing through weapon detection systems, most of them will not pick up a bow at all, of course bows are usually easy to spot visibly.

Manufacturer Name Image Cost Damage Range Description Special
Armax Arsenal Rachni Tooth Bow1.jpg 1200 CSC,

+200 per rank

1d10, +1 per rank, 60 yards, +5 yards per rank The standard bow in use today, good for hunting medium game Penetrating (Armour)
Armax Arsenal Klixen Wings Bow2.jpg 1600 CSC,

+300 per rank

2d6, +1 per rank 70 yards, +5 yards per rank The folded "wings" of this bow add some punch, it is used by hunter to hunt large game. Penetrating (Armour), Accuracy
Armax Arsenal Titans Fist Bow3.jpg 2500 CSC,

+300 per rank

2d8, +2 per rank 80 yards, +5 yards per rank Top end hunting bow used for hunting dangerous game on Palaven, the hardest hitting bow available on the market. Penetrating (Armour), Accuracy
Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works Shiva's Arm Bow4.jpg 1800 CSC,

+300 per rank

2d6, +1 per rank 100 yards, +10 yards per rank The only Cross Bow worth mentioning, while it is slow to load it can kill at a greater range then any bow, an excellent silent killer. Penetrating (Armour)x2, slow (takes 1 action to load)
Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works Kali's Breath Bow5.2.jpg 3000 CSC,

+500 per rank

2d6, +1 per rank 80 yards, +5 yards per rank The premier assassin's bow, undetectable and deadly, it is the finest bow made today. Penetrating (Armour), Accuracy, Concealable(folds to 1' long, 3" across)

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