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Character Basics

Something to think about: Your characters are an elite crew working for Specter Ross, a Turian Specter of great renown. He will not work with two dimensional characters, he will not use people on his ship that that can only kill things, he wants thinkers as well as doers. Does this mean you need to spend a tun of points making your character extra versatile? No, but if you simply put everything into killing and can't do anything else you will need a damn good reason why you are there. You need to be able to work as a crew, drama is fine but no racists who refuse to deal with others or anything like that, he simply kicks you off the crew, he can do that, and will.

Starting Level: 5

Starting Character Points: 46

Ability Maximums: Starting 18+Racial mods, Total Max: 24+Racial Mods

Available Classes:

Adept Engineer Infiltrator
Sentinel Soldier Vanguard
Adventurer Gun Bunny Hot Rod
Martial Artist Mecha Pilot * Ninja
Samurai Tech Genius

Note: * Mecha Pilot you will be an Atlas Pilot, and may modify it once you have paid the points for the suit.

Note: Any non Mass Effect class may include attributes that are banned in this world, you will receive their value in Character Points instead.

Advancement: Each Character receives +1 character point per level for free to spend as they wish.

Advancement: Each Character receives +1 feat at every even level.

Advancement: Each Character receives +1 Ability Score every 3 levels.

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