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Combat Drone


The Combat Drone is a semi-autonomous glowing ball of energy. It can help provide cover, flank opponents, heal people or even hack into systems. Each Drone is different, and no ability is as varied as the combat drone. Most drones do not have the intelligence to act on there own, relying on there Engineer to guide them. They can follow simple commands, such as attack that person, or that group, or even attack any Cerberus agents, but more complex instructions are ignored, or even mis-interpreted. Think of them as fairly smart dogs. Some Drones posses enough intelligence to be almost an AI, which makes some people nervous, but even the best drone has a time limit before it blinks out of existence again, and new drones will not remember any experiences they had previously.

Combat Drones last for 1 minute per rank.

Combat Drone is built with the Pet Monster Attribute.

Combat Drone
Ability Score Attribute Description
Strength 1 Special Attack A simple lightning attack, 2d8 damage
Dexterity 12 Damn Healthy Drones have 2d8 Hit Points
Constitution 2 Highly Skilled 4 points for Special Attack
Intelligence 1 Base Attack 1
Wisdom 1 Saves All are 0
Charisma 1 Skills 1 starting, with 3 points spent in it

Abilities can be purchased at the rate of 2 per point spent

The following Attributes can be added to "Combat Drone"

Attack Combat Mastery +1 Base Attack, 3 points per rank
Computer Scanning Ability to interface with computers from a distance, though some intelligence helps the Drone understand what it is doing if you want it to do more then deliver commands.
Defense Combat Mastery +1 Base Defense, 2 points per rank
Extra Defenses Extra Defense actions each round, 3 points each
Flight only 2 ranks can be purchased, they are 2 points each and rank 1 provides 10mph, rank 2 provides 50 mph of flight speed.
Force Field Can not purchase Personal Force Field, only Full Force Field
Healing The Drone can restore up to 10 Hit Points/Rank to a target, 4 points per rank
Tech Armor Glowing Tech based armor
Special Attack 4 points per rank
Telekinesis Can purchase up to 2 ranks, 4 points each

Skills the drone can acquire. It can gain 1 skill for each point of Intelligence it possesses.

Computer Use Practical knowledge of computer use.
Disable Device The ability to circumvent traps, jam mechanical devices, by pass


Knowledge (Any) Any Knowledge can be loaded into the drone, it is usually a purely mechanical knowledge though, much like a computer spitting out information.
Open Lock The ability to open locking devices.
Power Usage (Telekinesis) Power Usage only offers a bonus to any check

for the use of one specific Power.

Ranged Defense The ability to avoid ranged attacks.
Search This Skill allows the character to find hidden or concealed objects.
Special Ranged Attack This Skill is used for weapons created using the Special Attack Attribute.

Cost: 6 points per rank, each rank provides 20 cp to add to the existing drone, and only one drone can be built at a time. Once the points are assigned they are permanent until another rank is purchased, at that time points may be shifted.

Type: Tech

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