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Computer Scanning


Computer Scanning allows a character to use there omni-tool to access, read, and understand data from all computers in the surrounding area. This ability also allows the character to hack computers from a distance, and even use some skills such as open locks or disable device, and provides a +2 per rank to computer related rolls. The DC for the check is determined by the complexity and security of the computer; most home computers are DC 10 while secure machines are DC 20 to 30. This roll does not mean the character has full access to the computer, but it does mean the first level of security has been bypassed, and character can access the computer to try and go deeper. The Attribute Rank determines the maximum distance in which scanning can take place.

Rank 1 Scanning can happen at the range of 1 foot, this is standard Omni-tool range
Rank 2 Scanning can happen at the range of 10 feet.
Rank 3 Scanning can happen at the range of 100 feet, this is the maximum range of any known omni-tool.

Cots: 2 points per rank

Type: Tech

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