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Relevant Ability: Intelligence

This Skill represents a character's ability to work with a variety of materials to repair or produce useful or aesthetically pleasing objects. Like Knowledge, Perform, and Profession, Craft is actually a number of separate skills.

A Craft skill is specifically focused on creating something. If nothing is created by the endeavor, it probably falls under the heading of a Profession skill. You know how to use the tools of your trade, how to perform the craft’s daily tasks, how to supervise untrained helpers, and how to handle common problems.

Check: You can practice your trade and make a decent living, earning half your check result times 20 CSC (Citadel Standard Credit) per week of dedicated work. The basic function of the Craft skill, however, is to allow you to make an item of the appropriate type. The DC depends on the complexity of the item to be created. The DC, your check result, and the price of the item determine how long it takes to make a particular item. The item’s f inished price also determines the cost of raw materials.

Action: Yes, typically 1 craft check covers from 8 hours of work, up to 1 week of 8 hour days.

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