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Barrier comes in two forms, Full Barrier and Personal Barrier. A Full Barrier can be extended to cover other people and objects. It can be projected up to 10' away per rank, and can cover up to a diameter of 8' +4' per rank. A Personal Barrier only covers the character. Both Barriers are highly visible, encasing the area covered in a shimmery purple field.

Barrier provides 10 points of damage absorption per rank. Each point of damage done to the Barrier reduces the Barrier by 1 point. This will refresh if the Barrier receives no damage for 3 full rounds. The Barrier refreshes at 10 points per round, and is interrupted if it is damaged again.

Example: Leona receives some heavy fire running through a battle field and her Barrier takes 28 points of damage, she only has 2 points left so she takes cover to get a breather. She waits the three rounds, and on round 4 the Barrier regens 10 points bringing her up to 12 points, but a grenade lands near her for another 15 points. Her barrier is now down, and will need another 3 rounds to begin regenerating again, and on top of that she takes 3 points of damage.

Additional ranks in the Attribute can be used to raise the base rank or add:

Air Tight The Field prevents the passage of gas molecules. While this is a beneficial defence against toxic gas attacks, a character in the Barrier will eventually deplete all breathable oxygen.
Rapid Regeneration Rapid Regeneration reduces the time needed for the Barrier to begin regenerating by 1 round, costs 2 ranks.

Cost: 4 points per rank for Full Barrier, 3 points per rank for Personal Barrier

Type: Biotic

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