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Heavy Weapons


Heavy Weapons are the most devastating weapons that can be carried by a single person. They cover a large range attacks from Plasma Flames to mini nuclear bombs, one even claims to generate a micro black hole. Unlike other weapons, all Heavy Weapons require ammunition. Many Heavy Weapons have very limited ammunition, some only a single shot. Not surprisingly Heavy Weapons are not allowed on the Citadel, nor any station that even has a sense of safety. Heavy Weapons do not have ratings either, and most can not mount extras, or have a limited range of what can be added.


Manufacturer Name Image Cost Damage Range Description Special
Armax Arsenal The Blackstorm Heavy2.jpg 7000 CSC 6d8/8d8 (Drawn in/Explode) 100 yards Colloquially called the "black hole gun", it encases a few particles of matter within a high-powered mass-increasing field, elevating them to near-infinite mass. The mass effect field soon destabilizes and returns to normal mass, with explosive results. Area of Effect: x2, Tangle(Targets are lifted and pulled towards the center of the attack), Penetrating (Armour), Penetrating (Force Field), Limited Shots:Takes 1 minute to re-power itself. Targets may make 2 Reflex saves, both at target 18 to take half damage from each effect.
Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works M-920 Cain Heavy3.jpg 7000 CSC 10d8 100 yards HKSW scientists have created a modified version of traditional high-explosive rounds normally applied to a 25-gram slug. When accelerated to 5 km/s, the round is devastating. This weapon is nicknamed the "Nuke Launcher," and its high-explosive matrix generates an archetypical mushroom cloud on impact. Area of Effect: x3, Penetrating (Armour), Penetrating (Force Field), Limited Shots:Takes 1 minute to re-power itself. Targets may make a Reflex save, at target 18 to take half damage from the effect.
Ariake Technologies The Avalanche Heavy4.jpg 8000 CSC 2d8 200 yards A cooling laser collapses the ammunition into Bose-Einstein condensate, a mass of super-cooled subatomic particles capable of snap-freezing impacted objects.It is nicknamed the "Cryo-Blaster". A field of freezing particles can freeze multiple enimies at the same time, and even environmental armor does little to defend the targets. Area of Effect x2, Enduring x2, Flurry (Weapon carry's 20 rounds before being reloaded, takes 1 action), Incapacitating: Targets may make a Fortitude save, at target 20 to avoid being frozen for 2 rounds, Tangle:Freezing cloud slows all within, Frozen targets take double damage.
Elanus Risk Control Services (ERCS) Cobra Missile Launcher Heavy5.png 7000 CSC, 100(standard) or 300(special) per round 8d8 (standard) 300 yards The Cobra is a single shot launcher that fires a missile directly at the target. It is powerful enough to destroy a target on contact and has a small area of effect. Area of Effect, Long Range, Limited Shots: 1 shot before reload, 1 action, There are many rounds that can be used for different effects: High Explosive-Area Effect+3 (Reflex save 16): Targeted-No area of Effect, Penetrating (Armour)x3, Penetrating (Force Field)x3, +2d8 damage: Goo-Area Effect+2, Enduringx8, Tangle (8 hit Points), Incapacitating (DC 15 Reflex Save), no damage: Inferno-Area of Effect +1, Burning (8 points a round), Penetrating (Armour), Enduring x4, Blizzard-Area of Effect+1, Incapacitating (Frozen in place, lasts 2 rounds, Fort save dif 18 to only be frozen 1 round), Frozen targets take double damage.
Elanus Risk Control Services (ERCS) M-100 Grenade Launcher Heavy6.jpg 6000 CSC, 50 per grenade 6d8 (standard) 300 yards (can arc) The M-100 is a rapid fire grenade launcher, it can be fired in a ballistic arc if needed, the grenades can even be set to explode on contact or after a short period of time allowing them to be bounced off walls, changing requires 1 action. Area of Effect, Flurry (The clip holds 30 shots before being reloaded, 1 action)

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