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Mechanical Genius


The character has an innate knack for creating, modifying, and working with complex machines. Unlike someone who is merely well trained in a particular technical skill, a Mechanical Genius is a natural and is able to flip through a tech manual for an advanced technology in 30 seconds and figure out a way to repair the machine in an hour or so.

A character with this Attribute can also build new and modify existing gadgets at an astonishing rate, provided he or she has appropriate parts and facilities. In game terms, this means he or she can modify existing Personal Gear or technology-based Items of Power by exchanging Attributes and Defects, as long as the overall Point total is unchanged. A Mechanical Genius can also build Gear and Items of Power, but their creation requires the character to allocate the appropriate number of Character Points.

The rank in this attribute determines the speed at which the character can build and repair machines.

Rank 1 The character can build/repair machines at 2 times normal speed.
Rank 2 The character can build/repair machines at 5 times normal speed.
Rank 3 The character can build/repair machines at 10 times normal speed.

Cost: 2 points per rank

Type: Tech

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