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Navigation: Mass Relays

Relevant Ability: Intelligence

The ability to plot a course through the Mass Relays and the folded space they generate. This is no easy task, even common trips can result in the loss of an entire ship and all crew on board. Ship board computers make this task easier, and following established paths make the task easier as well, but it is never easy. This roll only plots the course, the pilot must still follow it.

Check: Depends on how much time is available to plot a course, and where the course is going. A common Jump from Sol to the Citadel is a difficulty 10 if everything goes according to plan. The standard time frame to plot a course is 5 minutes.

Action: Yes, though the amount of time needed can be reduced by 1 minute for every 3 points added to the difficulty, down to +18 to make the roll a move equivalent action.

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