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Overload is a tech power designed to shut down shields, weapons and mechanical enemies. Overload manifests as red lightning that crackles around the target, and while it showers of off organics, it sticks to anything synthetic. This attack does double damage to shields and synthetic objects including Geth and other synthetic beings.

Overload is built with the special attack rules and has the following abilities:

Ability Description
Drops Shields This Ability does 10 points of damage for each time it is assigned, to any shield that is hit by the special attack
Incapacitating This represents any form of attack that can instantly incapacitate a foe even if it does not inflict actual damage. This attack renders weapons useless and causes synthetic beings to be "tased" Regardless of whether the attack does physical damage, the victim must make a saving throw(Fortitude) against DC 10 + 2 per Special Attack Rank to avoid being completely incapacitated.
Targeted The attack inflicts double damage to a specific group of targets (Synthetics and Mechanical Objects) and no damage to everyone else.
Limited Shots This attack can only be used once every 3 rounds

Damage: Overload begins at 1d8 damage.

Additional ranks in this power can be used to buy off the Limited Shots Disadvantage (2 ranks), Add to Drops Shields, or +1d8 damage.

Cost: 5/20 initially,this Attribute is a Rank 5 special attack, then 1 or 4 points per rank

Type: Tech

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