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Sniper Rifles


Sniper Rifles are used by highly skilled individuals to dominate battle fields. They are not great weapons against shields, but they are the superior choice for highly armored opponents. They come with a slow rate of fire, but very high damage per round. They usually come with advanced optics packages allowing a skilled sniper to fire at extreme ranges, removing important targets on any battle field, sowing chaos among the enemy ranks.

Manufacturer Name Image Cost Damage Range Clip Description Special
Elanus Risk Control Services (ERCS) M-92 Mantis Sniper2.png 4500 CSC,

+350 per rank

2d12+2, +2 per rank 600 yards 9 The Mantis is a powerful sniper rifle which is able to take out most targets in a single shot. Accuracy x2, Penetration (armor), Penetration (shields)
Jormangund Technology Kishock Sniper3.png 2500 CSC,

+300 per rank

2d10, +1 per rank 600 yards 6 An Alliance captain on her fifth tour of the Terminus Systems once said that seeing a Kishock was the easiest way to tell if she was being attacked by mercenaries, since "no bastard with a Kishock means to take you alive." Accuracy, Penetration (armor), Burning x3 (Internal bleeding damage), can spend up to 3 rounds *charging* the gun, each round adds 2d10 to the damage for a single shot(Must be fired on the 4th round or the weapon overheats and destroys the thermal clip)
Hahne-Kedar Valiant Sniper4.png 2500 CSC,

+275 per rank

2d8, +1 per rank 500 yards 15 The standard sniper rifle used by Alliance troops across the galaxy. It has a higher rate of fire then most sniper rifles, but lower damage. Accuracy, Penetration (armor), Flurry
Kassa Fabrication Viper Sniper5.png 4000 CSC,

+350 per rank

2d8+1, +2 per rank 600 yards 21 This rifle is popular with military snipers, who appreciate a long-range gun that can snap off multiple shots in the blink of an eye. Accuracy, Penetration (armor), Auto-Fire(3 round burst)
Dah'tan Manufacturing Company Widow Sniper6.png 6000 CSC,

+400 per rank

3d12+3, +2 per rank 600 yards 5 While kinetic barriers offer effective protection on vehicles, the kind generated by conventional military field generators are far too weak against the Widow. The Widow was never designed to be carried and fired by a person. Accuracy, Penetration (armor)x2, Penetration (shields)x2, Back blast(8 points to the wielder, resisted by natural armor but not worn armor, -4 if the wielder has a 20+ strength. This is removed if the weapon is mounted.)

At Rank 2 one of the following abilities can be added to a Sniper Rifle-These abilities modify the ammunition used in the Rifle and once chosen can not be changed without a gunsmithing roll of 15.

Name Damage Effect
Armor Piercing +0 Ignores 5 points of armor
Flaming +4 Can set a flammable target on fire
Freezing +2 Target loses 1 point of Dex per bullet for 1 minute
Shield Piercing +0 Ignores 5 points of shields

At Rank 4 one of the following abilities can be added to a Sniper Rifle-these abilities modify the gun itself and once chosen can not be changed without a complete overhaul of the weapon.

Name Damage Effect
Accurate Scope +0 Reduce range penalties by 2 increments
Assisted Targeting +0 Double the Crit range of the Rifle
Large Caliber +1 die Clip size is cut in half
Long Range +0 Doubles the range of the Rifle
Rapid Fire +0 Adds a rank of Flurry to the Rifle

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