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'Sabotage is a tech attribute aimed at electronics. This attribute wreaks havoc on synthetic beings, breaking there minds and maybe ever driving them mad, affected enemy weapons overheat, causing them to backfire, computers are damaged and often destroyed. Sabotage does not work against organic beings, but it can easily ruin there day. Weapons that are damaged by this attribute must make a fortitude check at DC 10+Rank or overheat for 1 round per rank. If an overheated weapon is fired, it backfires doing it's damage to the wielder instead and it then requires a repair roll to be used again. Computer consoles hit by this attribute have no armor against it, all damage is applied directly to the unit inside. The real power of this attribute is realized against synthetic beings, they have there Intelligence reduced by 2 points per rank, and if they are reduced to 0 they go berserk and attack anything around them.

Sabotage is built with with the special attack rules and has the following abilities:

Drain Mind The attack causes the victim to lose his or her mind. The victim's Intelligence is reduced by 2 multiplied by the Special Attack Rank.This Intelligence drain is in addition to any Hit Point losses from the attack. If Intelligence is reduced to 0 the target goes berserk.
Targeted The attack inflicts double damage to a specific group of targets (Synthetics and Mechanical Objects) and no damage to everyone else.
Limited Ammo This attack can only be fired once every 3 rounds.

Damage: Sabotage begins at 1d8 damage.

Additional ranks in this power can be used to buy off the Limited Shots Disadvantage (2 ranks), or +1d8 damage.

Cost: 2/8 initially,this Attribute is a Rank 2 special attack, then 1 or 4 points per rank

Type: Tech

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