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Mass Effect Wieldable Weapons


To generate ammunition a weapon shaves a projectile the size of a grain of sand from a dense block of metal contained within the weapon's body. The projectile is launched at supersonic velocities by decreasing its mass in a mass effect field. Ammunition is never a concern because of this, but managing the weapon's internal heat is; if a weapon is fired too rapidly, heat will build up inside of the weapon and it will overheat, forcing the operator to stop firing long enough for the weapon to disperse that heat buildup. Each gun uses a thermal clip designed to contain heat away from the weapon. Thermal clips are universal, between any weapon, but different weapons generate different amounts of heat that must be contained. Once the clip is 'full' it must be replaced, requiring a standard action, clips take an hour to cool off enough to be re-used. If a weapon is fired without a thermal clip it will overheat after 1 'clip' worth of shots. The gun is unusable for 2 minutes and it may be damaged by this treatment, roll a d6, on a 6 the weapon is worthless until a DC 20 repair check is made.

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