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Aeshequel Ortaro Taarak


They call me Reaper, for I have become death...

To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its meaning and is taken for naught, then the pact is to avenge!

When I lived, my name was Aeshequel Ortaro Taarak of the Imperial Human family of Taarak. Legend had it that my family was descended from angelic daeva. Our radiant visages and blessed longevity certainly lent credence to that claim. Sadly, I am certain that any divinity I may have had was stripped from me at the moment I failed my oath of protection and allowed the Imperial Taarak bloodline to be murdered and enslaved along with the rest of my world.

I am all that remains.

Death herself has freed me from the oubliette of eternity. I have returned from the void with an oath of vengeance upon me. There will be no quarter asked and none given. The Harzium Horde shall pay for it's crimes with their very souls...

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