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Corwyn Tomeblight

Human Male: Age: 16 Height: 5'2 Weight:142#
Arcanist: 4
Str: 10       Int: 18  
Dex: 14 Wis: 12
Con: 12 Chr: 16
BAB: +2    AC: 12  
Touch AC: 12 Flat Footed: 10
CMB: +2 CMD: 14 Init: +2
Fort: +1 Ref: +1 Will: +4
HP: 20 Speed: 30

Background Traits: Trap Finder , Tireless Logic

Languages: (Racial:Common(Dwarf), Human) +9

Human Traits:

: Fey Magic: Favored Terain(Urban), Spell-like-Ability, Low-Light Vision  
: (once per Day in Urban) Enhanced Diplomacy, Guidance, Detect Poison, Whispering Lore

Feats: Amature Investigator, Fast Learner, Improvisation,

Skill Class Ability Mod Misc Ranks Total
Craft(Alchemy) IC Int +4 (2) 6
Diplomacy IC Chr +3 (2) 5
Disable Device IC Dex +2 (+3) 5
Knowledge(Arcana) IC Int +4 4 11
Knowledge(History) IC Int +4 4 11
Knowledge(Nobility) IC Int +4 4 11
Knowledge(Planes) IC Int +4 4 11
Linguistics IC Int +4 4 11
Profession(Librarian) IC Wis +1 4 8
Sense Motive IC Wis +1 (2) 3
Spellcraft IC Int +4 4 11
Use Magic Device IC Chr +3 4 10
Perception OC Wis +1 (2) 3

Special Abilities:

:Arcane Reservoir: (3+1/2lvl / 3+Lvl), Consume Spells:(chr) 
:Arcanist Exploits: Quick Study,
:White Mage(Template): Spontaneous Healing; 

Spells Per Day: 1st:5 2nd:3
Spells Prepared: 0: 6; 1:3 2:1

Spell books"
Personal Spell Journal:

0:(All Known Cantrips)
1: Recharge Innate Magic; Snowball; heightened-awareness; cultural-adaptation; Monkey Fish; Polypurpose Panacea; Endure Elements; Ear-Piercing Scream; Comprehend Languages; Animal Aspect; Keep Watch;
2: Air Step; bestow-insight;

Unnamed Journal (lvl 3 Universalist):

1: alarm, feather fall, obscuring mist, mount, shield, shocking grasp, silent image, sleep
2: fox’s cunning, scorching ray

Traveler’s Tome (Level 4 Transmuter)

1: ant haul, enlarge person, erase, expeditious retreat, gravity bow, hold portal, jump, magic weapon, shield
2: glide, knock, levitate, rope trick

Manuscript of Jack Were-son (Level 10 Universalist):

1: alter winds, ant haul, burning hands, cause fear, hold portal, identify, magic missile, sleep, stone fist, vanish
2: acid arrow, burning gaze, dust of twilight, fog cloud, ?metabolize?, protection from arrows, spider climb
3: cloak of winds, explosive runes, haste, lightning bolt, nondetection, twilight knife
4: charm monster, dimension door, greater invisibility, moonstruck, true form
5: break enchantment, mage’s private sanctum, polymorph, treasure stitching

Tome of the Transmuter (Level 8 Transmuter)

1: animate rope, charm person, color spray, erase, floating disk, ?hush?, mage armor, magic missile, protection from chaos, unseen servant
2: alter self, flaming sphere, knock, pyrotechnics, resist energy, see invisibility, whispering wind
3: arcane sight, dispel magic, explosive runes, lightning bolt, greater magic weapon, slow
4: beast shape II, calcific touch, confusion, dimension door, stone shape

Sword Cane 1d6 x2
Spell Books 2 Compact Spell Books(70pg); 5 Traveling Spell Books (50pg);
Clothing Outfits: (3)Artisan; (2)Traveler; (1)Courtier; (1)Explorer;
Kit, Alchemy Crafting Light Traveling kit
Kit, Healer's (10 Uses)
Kit, Scrivener's Writing kit
Tools, Thieves' Disable Device
Kit, Sorcerer's backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), waterskin.
Money 305 GP

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