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I am going to ramble a bit here about my ideas for an ecclesiastic set of items based on a Catholic Priest's belongings since Aeshequel is a paladin descendant of angels.

Firstly, a Franciscan or Dominican monk only truly owned 3 things. (as is often represented my the vow of poverty that priests and paladins take)

These 3 things are:

  • His Ring, (an ecclesiastical signet, his symbol of office)
    • Hand of Doom: Ring version of a Glove of storing, in which he stores his scythe. (10k)
    • An Hourglass of some kind for more reaper symbolism...
  • His Stole (his robe / unholy vestment)
    • Robe of the Reaper. A basic cheapass Robe of Bones would work fine (2400)
    • A robe that provides an oubliette similar to a smuggler's robe or perhaps shadow walk a couple of times per day
  • His Crosier (usually a shepherd's crook or staff. Bladed in this case, as a scythe)
    • Crosier of Bone: This could easily be his ├╝ber item, helping compensate for his loss of physicality, lack of the basic ghost corruptive touch and the relatively low dps of the Reaper class.
    • Perhaps a Scythe shaped Rod of Withering (since the shape of the rod is purely aesthetic) (25k)

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Ring of the Fallen


  • This ring acts as a focus for the characters spirit. This Item will be left behind if you are "Killed" and when you return to the world it will always be within 30 ft of this ring.
  • This ring can store your Gravediggers shovel or your hourglass, similar to a glove of storing but for specific items. Trading between these items is a swift action.
  • The wearer of this ring can make a melee touch attack against an undead creature no more than one size category larger than himself, cutting off that creature from undying energy. The wearer never suffers any ill effects that might normally occur from coming into physical contact with an undead creature touched in this way. On a successful hit, the undead cannot be healed or aided by the effects of negative energy for 1d4 rounds. During this duration, positive energy affects the undead creature normally.

Bone Collectors Cassock

This cassock was once the pristine white of a priest of the highest order, but no longer. It is now ripped, worn and infused with blood, earth, and ash. Through the rips and tears of the cassock an observer can see the form of the wearers skeleton.

  • This item has all of the stats of +1 breastplate armor. Its appearance is an illusion.
  • This Armor grants the wearer DR 5/Bludgeoning and immunity to cold.

Gravediggers Shovel

(27000) This head of this shovel is worn and pitted with signs of obvious decay and the handle is polished smooth from ages of constant use.

  • This shovel allows the wielder to dig a grave with a standard action. Besides its mundane applications, you can open a 5-foot-deep pit at a creature's feet. A Medium or smaller creature falls prone in the pit unless it succeeds on a Reflex save(DC 15). With a successful save, it can choose to land harmlessly on its feet in the pit or hop to an adjacent square; this movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. A creature can escape a 5-foot-deep pit with a DC 5 Climb check. Larger creatures may ignore pits smaller than their size.

The earth excavated by this spell is ordinarily distributed harmlessly across the spell's range, but you may choose to throw up a burst of grit and debris when you dig a pit. This cloud of debris provides concealment to any creatures in the square affected and all adjacent squares for 1 round

  • Three times per day on command, when the wielder touches the rod to a non-magical, inanimate object, that object decays, cracks, and withers. The object, which can be no larger than a door or must take up no more than a 5-foot-by-5-foot area, gains the broken condition.
  • At will this shovel can transform into a +1 conductive Scythe.


Locket of the Imprisoned

This Locket functions as a key to the Oubliette that Ash was imprisoned in for so many years.

  • As a standard action the wearer may may a ranged touch attack against a target withing 30ft. , if successful the target of the attack is removed from this world and placed into the Oubliette of Oblivion. Only one creature may be placed in the Oubliette at any given time, should another be placed into the oubliette while it is full the original target is removed and takes the position of the target of the attack.
  • Any creature in the Oubliette is allowed a Will Save (DC = 10 + Character Level + Charisma Modifier.),each round, to escape. The target receives a bonus to this saving throw equal to the number of failed escape attempts.
    • Targets who succeeded in escape appear 30ft from the wearer if the amulet in a random direction.
    • Targets releases from the locket appear anywhere within range that is not occupied, at the wearers discretion.


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