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**Four Melee Weapons
**Four Melee Weapons
***Two Katars
***Two Katars
** Sythe (Crosier)
***Scythe (Crosier)
**Two Ranged Weapons
**Two Ranged Weapons
***Heavy Crossbow (50)
***Heavy Crossbow (50)

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I am going to ramble a bit here about my ideas for an ecclesiastic set of items based on a Catholic Priest's belongings since Aeshequel is a paladin descendant of angels.

Firstly, a Franciscan or Dominican monk only truly owned 3 things. (as is often represented my the vow of poverty that priests and paladins take)

These 3 things are:

  • His Ring, (an ecclesiastical signet, his symbol of office)
  • His Stole (usually a robe or holy vestment, or his armor in the case of a paladin)
  • His Crosier (usually a shepherd's crook or staff. Bladed in this case, as a scythe)

To keep his personal belongings to a minimum, I would like to put this idea on the table: Start with a foundation of "Folding Platemail". A suit of +1 full plate armor that folds down to a piece of jewelry. The default is a brooch, but in sticking with the angelic paladin's vestments concept, a ring would be most fitting even if it costs him a ring slot.

Add to this the armor perk of "Hosteling" Which allows him to extradimensionally "store" his mount or familiar. This perk has the same storage spell requirement of the "Robe, Smuggler's Collapsible", only the robe has the additional perks of not detecting as magical in it's collapsed form and when inside, the "wearer" has arcane sight allowing him to see outside of the space he is in. This perk is also not really necessary. The right gauntlet of the armor should be a "Glove of Storing" to keep his scythe in when not in use if scythe ends up the weapon of choice. The extradimensional pocket that holds his armor, weapon, mount and even himself when not in this world is the very same void pocket he was banished to. In essence, an item that can stow his gear and himself back in his prison cell at a moment's notice. In crafting it as one item, it saves on the cost of duplicate spells and can even ditch and enchantment or two that don't fit the image of his dark little oubliette that is hidden within his magic ring.

His ring would summon his Ivory Full Plate stole, and his stole would summon his Scythe crosier. Thereby finishing the set of 3.

I do still like the concept of the +1 Keen Conductive Scythe as his Crosier, but we could skip the cliché imagery a bit more and instead go for Clawed gauntlets on the bone platemail (as depicted in the portrait I chose) using the stats of Tri-Bladed Katar since that was the other weapon I was seriously considering. Claw-like punching daggers... kind of visceral imagery, bordering on feral. The clawed gauntlets would also remove the necessity of the Glove of Storing enchantment and therefore reduce the monetary investment in the armor by 10k gold. Keen and conductive are still the properties I want on my weapon, with conductive being the primary since I am built dominantly around my Harm-Touch ability. If the scythe is the weapon of choice then "Keen" isn't necessary as I will have the feat. If the claws (which I am leaning more and more towards as days go past and I envision the character) are the weapon I get, then I will need both enchantments since I will need to spend the feat on dual wield instead of improved crit. Either is quite viable, but I will still need ample warning so I can get a correct and complete character sheet posted here and on the forum before next game.

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Stole: Robe of the Death Dealer. (16000) This is a black robe that is ragged in appearance and has several magical properties.

  • It stores all of the tools of the trade of a Death Dealer. These item can be retreived as a move action and materialize equipted and ready to use.
    • One suit of armor
      • (+1,) Full Plate Armor (2650)
    • Four Melee Weapons
      • Two Katars
      • Scythe (Crosier)
    • Two Ranged Weapons
      • Heavy Crossbow (50)
    • 100 Pieces of Ammunition (ammunition can be retrieved as part of the attack action using a ranged weapon)
      • 50 Normal Crossbow bolts
      • 30 (+1, Bane Aberrations)Bolts
      • 20 (+1, Conductive) Bolts
    • 10 potions
  • In addition the robe can produce the following at will. Items created by the robe disappear within 1 hour of leaving the possession of the Death Dealer.
    • A Spade
    • A 20ft length of rope with a noose at the end.
    • A lit Bulls eye lantern

Crosier:+1 Conductive Scythe (8000)

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