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Surly's slumberous Bedroll of ameliorate repose:

Price: 2,250	 Weight: 5 lbs.

A well crafted bedroll. This consists of two woolen sheets sewn together along the bottom and one side to create a bag for sleeping in. Some have cloth straps along the open side so the bedroll can be tied closed while you are sleeping. It can be rolled and tied into a tight coil for storage or transport.

  • 3 times per day user may rest for 2 hours, gaining the healing benefit of having rested a full 8 hours. All 3 uses may be used Consecutively to rest a total of 6 hours, gaining the benefit of resting a full 24 hours. If the rest is interupted, the use is still expended and no restful healing occurs.
  • Normal 8 hour Resting Recovers 1hp Character Level, and restores 1 point to each ability score that has been damaged. Resting eliminates the fatigued Condition.
  • This Magical Rest does gain the benefit of Longterm care via the Healing proficiency, A sixth level User could use item to rest 2 hours, regaining 6hp, or with the aid of the Healing Proficiency double his normal Healing rate for 12 hp healed. In all respects for use of the Healing Proficiency, This rest counts as a full 8 hours of rest.
  • If resting a full 6 hours to gain the benefits of a full 24hour rest, the same rules for the Healing Proficiency Apply.
  • A spell caster may recover his spells per day after resting, but is still limited to only Recovering Spells once per day regardless of how many times or how long he rests during one day.
  • During this rest, the person still suffers the +10 penalty to perception tests while sleeping.

Rest Item (1x1x1,800(command activated/Keep Watch 1st level) / 1.6 (Use 3xDay)x 2 Slotless)= 2,250gp

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