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All of the races of AhnBeith either prepare or wage war.  As a reflection of this all of them have an additional level in a class that is detailed in the races section.  This additional level does not count in your progression and all abilities stack with themselves should a player continue to advance in that racial class.
All of the races of AhnBeith either prepare or wage war.

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House Rules

  • Starting Level: 4th Level with the bonus class level based on race. As I have either made changes or am currently making changes to the bonuses given to each race, the character the this game will use the bonus class given next to the class list rather then the racial bonuses given to the races on the race pages.

  • Stats: Purchase method 20 pts


All of the races of AhnBeith either prepare or wage war.


All classes in the printed core books are available, including Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, ans Ultimate Magic. If there is something that interests you from other Pathfinder source material feel free to bring it to the table and we can look at it, but I will need to see the rules for it before I make a decision.

Most of the Classes are unchanged. At current the only rules deviations for classes are for arcane casters. If you are interested in creating one please refer to the classes section of the wikki. If a class is not listed there, the standard rules out of the books apply.


With the war effort straining the resources it is possible that some of the equipment you wish to purchase at character creation is unavailable. I will try and get a list of the changes to costs and availability together, however if I don't I may have you removes something from you equipment list or replace it with something else.

New Feats

  • New Metamagic Feat

Ambient Casting This metamagic feat allows a spontaneous caster to cast spells without harming themselves. This is a +0 metamagic feat available to spontanious caster.

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