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History of Tamzeraal


Born and thrown out with the trash, as he was not fit to be worked like the others of his blood line, and raised by others thrown out who survived underneath the rubble and wastelands in tunnels deep in the earth. Tamzeraal learned a few languages, and the way to spirituality of the people he lived with, learning to be a stone-faced witch doctor. As he got older, things seemed to get worse and worse for his family underground. More and more the Harzium would raid on these tunnels to wipe out the trash. During one such event, the Harzium were stripping the land of resources and collapsed a tunnel network that was close by to where he lived. His parents hid him in a small sunk-in dead end tunnel, and fought as the Harzium wiped them out with an overwhelming force. As they scoured the tunnel network getting closer and closer to Tamzeraal, all he could do was pray. As he prayed to the god of time, wanting time to flow backwards and not happen the way it did, everything seemed to slow down, and get quieter. Keeping his eyes shut as he prayed for things to change, the sound of combat and screaming left, and a warm sensation on his golden skin seemed to wake him from his prayers. This strange warmth across his skins, warming his tattered cloth robe was an odd sensation. Nothing he had ever felt before. Tamzeraal slowly opened his eyes to find he was not only safe, and no combat was around him, but he was also outside and above ground. Startled at this new area, the sun heating his skin in the morning. A lone figure presents himself to Tamzeraal, a Dark skinned figure. Striking features, like something chiseled from stone, long ears, and piercing eyes. This was not a Harzium, but perhaps it was more sinister than they. The greetings, and calming voice helped with the apprehensiveness of Tamzeraal. He gently showed Tam of the things about the world above ground, some of the many races of the world that he had only heard stories of, but only had imagination to provide pictures to what he was truly able to see. After several weeks of getting comfortable in the open, and learning of dwarves, gnomes, halflings, humans, elves, and half elves, Tam was finally getting over his fear of the open spaces. A nice bed in the ground surrounded by rocks was never turned down, as it always felt like home. Approximately one month went by when he was finally asked what he wished to do with his life. Tam's only thought was to rid the world of this plague that destroyed everything he knew and loved, not revenge, but to prevent others from sharing his sadness. The Harzium and any who aid them must be destroyed.

Stepping on board an interesting craft in the water, Tam was told they were called ships, but this one had no sails for the wind to carry it. A clean, and well dressed human was addressed as Captain Van, who was given some information about Tam. Tam and Van agreed on the mutual benefit of Tam being on board, as their last healer went on a private mission and would not be returning. Tamzeraal was finally feeling like he had a home and family again.

Maybe this was his home all along, and he just didn't know it yet.

As Tam was shown around the ship, and shown his quarters, a strange talking metal construct called "Mac" came walking through a hallway. Mac, what an amazing thing. A construct that works and speaks beyond mere spell control. Mac is nice, and very inquisitive, with this strange ability to appear Harzium, as well as Elf. Strange creature, but fun and nice.

So begins the life of Tamzeraal - Witch Doctor

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