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  • Home

Sanford is a small village on the safe side of the wall and a deep forest. During construction of the wall, the village has become a way station along the defended side. As part of the construction effort the forest along the wall has been cleared for lumber. Building the wall took away Sanford’s normal income source the trappers and smaller lumber operations. As construction moved further north, the town was no longer able to support the original community. Now it largely serves as stop on the road for moving along the base, but even this traffic is limited to those who don’t use the trains.

  • Family

Son of High Lord Dlamin of Milner, Grandson of Feld the Sage

His family’s holdings and great wealth were destroyed in a day in a Harzium raid. Driven to the dwarven lands, his Grandfather had managed to steal away while his parents fought. He never knew his parents outside the stories his grandfather told. His grandfather raised him from a very young after his parents died. His grandfather was a wise and powerful man. He kept his and his grandson’s noble heritage quiet. It would no longer serve them. He was on the town council for many years. Using his life of knowledge he started an alchemy business. He would send the youth of the town into the deep woods for reagents. Always on the lookout for the rare or odd elements.

  • Education

As he grew the local half-elves and Halfling’s trained him and other youth of village how to hunt Harzium. How to live with nature and live off the land. These were quiet days, the war was hundreds of miles away.

On his tenth birthday his Grandfather pulled him from these classes to teach him the family traditions. And the truth of this heritage, he was to be the latest in the line of Blade Bound Magus. His Grandfather had spent the last decade building a new blade, unlike any before it. Mixing new mechanical ideas, with old rites. He taught him how to use modern alchemy to combat the limited magic. By imbuing his magic into the new sealed rounds he could avoid pitfalls of casting.

  • Current

Two years ago his grandfather’s health failed him. He sold the shop to the Mayor of Sanford and enlisted with the first Air Ship to pass through town. Quickly learning to be an air sailor and putting his fighting skills to use. Becoming a privateer in service to the dwarven kingdom.

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