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  • Harzium -

The Harzium deserve what to reap what they have sown. Justice will be served.

  • Dwarves -

The Dwarven host has proven to be the savior of the land, they honor the other races. And only ask that you defend your new home. Some of their ideas on Arcane magic, Elves and Dragon may be short sited.

  • Half-ling -

Many a Half-ling are counted as friends. His first combat teacher was a Half-ling, twice the fighter and woodsman as any Human or Dwarf.

  • Half Elf -

A race of orphans, unable to follow their ancestors to the west, distrusted by almost everyone. But earn their trust and never a stronger companion.

  • Gnomes -

These tinkers, they could drive you mad with their babble. But what they invented, has changed the world.

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