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==City of the Dead==
==City of the Dead==
This is a bonus language in addition to those granted by race, intelligence, or linguistics skill.
This skill is always in class for the character.  In addition the character receives a bonus equal to half their character level (min 1)
===Weapons and Armor:===
===Other Abilities:===
==City of the Damned==
==City of the Damned==

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For 50 years the nine Dwarven Kings have watched the the approach of the Harzium and recognized that their conflict with the creatures is an inevitable as the tide. They have put aside their differences and come together as a single force in preparation of the day when the Harzium will overrun their borders, they have joined forces in order to attempt to avoid the annihilation that befell the Human race.

Together they have made great achievements, some that mystify even themselves. They have built a massive wall in the foothills of their mountain kingdoms that runs from the southern shore to the northern. A monument to Dwarven craftsmanship and determination this great wall stands over one hundred feet tall and in some places is over a quarter mile thick. Three railroad tracks run along its surface, providing rapid transportation for personnel and supplies that will be needed when the war comes to their doorstep. The easternmost track is the most frightening marriage of Dwarven craftsmanship and the ingenuity of gnomes and Humans alike. Along its massive track it carries the battlements, Huge war machines that carry siege equipment, ammunition, and a garrison to staff them, that will protect the mountain from the Harzium.

Regions and Bonuses

City of the Dead


This is a bonus language in addition to those granted by race, intelligence, or linguistics skill.


This skill is always in class for the character. In addition the character receives a bonus equal to half their character level (min 1)

Weapons and Armor:

Other Abilities:

City of the Damned

Sky Marshals Airy

The Great Library

City of Heroes

City of Commerce

City 7

City 8

City 9

The Wall

Forge Camps

Dwarven outlook on non Dwarves

The Dwarven Kings have opened their doors the the other races of light. They understand that the burden for protecting the other races falls on them, and have accepted that they will fight to the last warrior to attempt to defeat the Harzium, Even though the best of the strategists have said it will take divine intervention.


The views on dragons are varied, but fall mostly into two camps.

There are those that believe that the war is winnable without them and therefore they should stay gone. Dragons being big, vicious greedy beasts that consume huge amounts of resources just to exist are just as large a threat as the Harzium. This view is held mostly by the commoner that has listened to the propaganda that the Dwarven Army has built over the last 50 years.

The other camp believes that the dragons are not only needed to wage the war in the sky that is coming to their doorstep, but the influence they have on magic is the only hope that the races of light have against the horde of Harzium. This is the view held by most of those knowledgeable in the magical arts as well as most of the tactical advisers.


Elves hold the key to returning dragons to the shores of Ahnbeith. Before their departure the Elvin armies dominated the skies. The griffon riders as well as the dragon lords would greatly change the course of the war against the Harzium. However getting any dwarf, much less the Kings to admit that they NEED the elves to return is as likely as the sun rising in the west. If the elves are to be gathered it will need to be done by individuals, and the dwarves are unlikely to help.


These little creatures have probably earned the most respect in Dwarven eyes. Previously seen as far to lighthearted and unmotivated to really amount to anything, these little guys have spent the last 50 years in the trenches, fighting back against the Harzium. While not willing to adopt their particular lifestyle, the Dwarves look upon this race and except them as worthy brethren. It is only due to their efforts to slow the tide of the Harzium that the Dwarves have managed to complete their preparations.


Dwarves mostly feel sorry for the Humans, understanding how devastating the loss of the society is. Those humans that live within the Dwarven Kingdoms are given opportunities to advance themselves. In seven of the nine kingdoms employers and home owners are given subsidies in order to promote human well being. There is much debate as to why these subsidies are given, and some Dwarven tradesmen even resent the charity given to the Humans.

When questioned, the Kings of these lands state the truth in simple terms. "The Harzium greatly outnumber us and will breed us to extinction, by giving the Humans the ability to nest and create families they will bolster our numbers."

Humans are subject to the same laws as Dwarves in regard to military service. Most of the first humans to settle in the dwarven kingdoms serve as technological advisers and workers on the war machines. The dwarves are long sighted enough to have foreseen the age factor and have placed those that would be elderly at the time of the conflict into positions of maintenance and general support staff for the army.


Gnomes always elicit an universal reaction from the dwarven race. Shock and Awe. They are embraced at arms length as their ingenuity has led to the creation of a great many advancement in the war effort, however the cost of that advancement has been a great number of unexpected explosions and destruction. Most of the Sky Marshals equipment owes its invention to the Gnomes adaptation of Human technology, a fact that causes most of dwarven kind to view the Sky Marshals as incredibly brave,...stupid,...or both.

Half Elf

Never turn your back on a Half Elf. These creatures are the least favorite of the races that they protect. Some say it could be due to the relation to elves, some say it is their loner attitude, and others believe they are just misunderstood. Regardless of the reasons of the mistrust it is, by large, the dwarven perception. Even with the mistrust, the Dwarven kingdoms realize the need for the half elves and recognize their usefulness to the greater good.

Half Harzium

While hesitant at first to grant protection to these creatures due to the relation to the foe about to vie for their destruction, the dwarves have learned over the last several years that he half harzium can be a great asset to their forces. Strong and incredible loyal the Half harzium have found a home among the dwarves. These half blood may provide the answer to the dwarven manpower issue that they are sure to experiance.

Many of the Dwarven Kings look upon this race as one would look upon a powerful weapon with no handle. Remarkable dangerous to both the wielder and his prey. However like so many of the other races the dwarves have come to accept the need for them in their rank and file.

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