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Prerequisites: Improved Heritage of Water, Lvl. 15

Water: This ability allows you to focus your Rime into a devastating ranged attack. Use of this ability is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. If the Rime ability is active it immediately ends when this ability it used. This ability creates a globe of frozen water and launches it at the target.

  • This is a ranges touch attack which inflicts 1d8 points of piercing damage and has a critical range of 20 and a x4 multiplier.
    • As a additional effect the target, and every creature in a 10ft radius burst, will take an additional 1d6 cold damage per round of Rime that is channeled into the attack. The original target is allowed a fort save, additional target a ref save. The DC for the save is 10+(1/2 the rounds used)+Con Modifier. This damage is not affected by a critical strike.
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