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Prerequisites: Improved Heritage of Winds, Lvl. 15

Earth: Harden your skin changing your Damage resistance to /- for 1 rnd/lvl uses up three uses of your Sandstorm ability cannot use Sandstorm while this ability is active.

Water: Use 5 rnds of your rime ability to project an ice spear 1d6/two lvl. range 400 plus 40 ft./lvl (this seems under powered) Possible Change: 3d6 ice damage, with extra 3d6 on chritical per multiplier. Aura stays at 10ft. radius. Uses 3 rnds of Rime per rnd of use. (under review)

Fire: When making a full attack action make an additional attack with each weapon. So one extra attack with a single weapon, two extra attacks if wielding two weapons. Each extra attack burns one round of Fire in the Blood. Does not stack with haste. (under review)

Air: 3 use of Cushion of Air to cast Elemental Body IV. Except you retain humanoid shape and your gear. Air only. (under review)

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