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The gunblade is a unusual double weapon in that it is a melee weapon and ranges weapon in one.

melee: light slashing weapon dmg =1d6 crit =19-20 x2

Ranged: range = 30ft dmg and crit as per ammunition.

At first level the magus receives a Gunblade for free and proficiency in its use.

Reloading Equipment

At first level the gunblade learns the art of creating loads for his gunblade. These loads once made last as long as they are in the Gunblades possession. If returned to the gunblades possession within 24 hours they return to potency. These rounds do 1d6 pts +1/2 gunblade level piercing damage with a crit range of 20 and a multiplier of x3

At 3rd level the gunblade may load elemental rounds, converting the piercing damage to an elemental type chosen at the time the load is made. A gunblade is limited to 1 elemental round per magus level.

At 5th level the gunblade is able to load single target spells into these rounds. While these rounds will last until used or out of the gunblades possession for more than 24 hours, rounds prepared in this way are considered prepared spells and count against the magus daily allotment. rounds made in this fashion have a crit range of 20 x2. In the event that spells generate more than 1 missile or ray due to caster level that spell fires all missiles or rays at once, with one attack roll. The Gunblade must choose his targets before the attack roll is made.

This ability replaces the magus cantrip ability. However the Gunblade receives detect magic and read magic for free and may place them in his spellbook as first level spells.

Gun combat

The gunblade blends the art of the gun and sword with a grace that mystifies those that watch him. This acts much as two weapon fighting, the off hand attack coming from the gun portion of his weapon. To use this ability the gunblade must have one hand free in order to chamber the round. As a full round action he can make all his attacks at -2 and fire the gun portion of his weapon at the same time. If the target of the gun attack is the same as a melee attack in that round, this attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

This ability replaces Spell Combat

Reload Trick

At 4th level the gunblade learns to create a bullet from pure magic. He is now able to craft ammunition as a standard action by spending a number of arcane pool points equal to the number of rounds he wishes to create. This ammunition lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Magus' level. He can only create standard and elemental rounds in this manner.

This ability replaces spell recall.

Improved Gun Combat

At 8th level the magus is able to make an additional attack with the gun portion of his blade, this attack is at -5. This ability functions similar to improved two weapon fighting, with the gun portion of the weapon being the offhand weapon. This additional attack may only utilize standard or elemental ammunition.

Greater Reload Trick

At 11th level the magus becomes more efficient in using his reloading trick. He may spend 1 point from his arcane pool in order create a number of rounds equal to his caster level. He may only create normal of elemental rounds with this ability. These rounds last for 1 hour per magus level.

This ability replaces greater spell recall.

Greater Gun Combat

At 15th level the gunblade is able to make a 3rd attack with the gun portion of his weapon. This attack has a penalty of -10.

This additional attack may only utilize standard or elemental ammunition.

This ability replaces greater spell combat.

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