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Rough Timeline of historical Events

  • 500 years ago: Lord Commander Heaydrion launched his campaign to unify to Human lands under one banner and one church. In the span of his lifetime he managed to consolidate all human holdings into one empire, with officially one religion, though the old religions remained in secret. He Administrated over the empire well and became a beloved figurehead. At the age of 70 he passed the mantle of leadership to his grandson, his son having died in the wars that unified the land.
  • 400 years to 300 years ago: The Heaydrion line becomes decadent spoiled lords, not understanding the price of rulership. They concern themselves mostly with living lavishly, granting lands and making lords on whims, promoting friendships over service. With no wars to fight the new lords occupy themselves with hunting, progressing to larger and larger game until to prove themselves superior to the others they must hunt dragons. Ignoring the protests of the Elven Nation, the Heaydrion Empire hunts dragons almost into extinction. The Elven Nations and the Council of Dragons, rather than resort to war, decide to leave Almbeith, traveling into the setting sun.
  • It is important to note that the last dragon seen, and killed, was a great golden dragon that lived along the eastern seaboard. It was killed by the sitting emperor and it is thought that that one action sealed the fate of the Heaydrion line.
  • 300 years ago: With the ruling faction devolving into decadence, the common man starving to pay the high taxes required to support the nobles and their families Revolution was on the horizon for the Heaydrion Empire. All out rebellion was halted as the Emperor was assassinated in his sleep. What followed was the most confusing and rapid chain of succession in history. In the course of 18 moons the empire saw 37 new emperors, all found dead in their beds. The position of emperor began to be known as a death sentence, many perspective Emperors and Empresses abdicating for fear for their lives.
  • 50 years ago The Harzium horde appear above the Human capitol and raze the city in a matter of hours. The Harzium horde, utilizing teleportation and flying transports for their army attack and destroy every major human city within weeks. Leaving nothing but chaos in their wake. Before anyone can even process the war had begun the human empire lay in ruins. Once great cities know as collegiums now lay in ruins; mostly scavenged.
  • In the last 50 years The world has seen many great changes in the last 50 years. In response to the threat the Dwarven nation has transformed their mountain range into a continuous fortification against the Harzium threat. A massive wall, a least 100 ft tall was constructed or carved along their border. Atop the wall trains speed back and forth between war-camps carrying supplies and personnel. The dwarves have prepared themselves for war in the only way they know how. They have dug into their mountain, they have created machines of war, and now they wait for the harzium to come.
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