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(Ring #1)
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==Ring #1==
==Ring #1==
*'''Survivalist Ring'''
This ring combines a Ring of Feather Falling and a Ring of Sustenance.
==Ring #2==
==Ring #2==

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  • Monk's Robe

When worn, this simple brown robe confers great ability in unarmed combat. If the wearer has levels in monk, her AC and unarmed damage is treated as a monk of five levels higher. If donned by a character with the Stunning Fist feat, the robe lets her make one additional stunning attack per day. If the character is not a monk, she gains the AC and unarmed damage of a 5th-Level monk (although she does not add her Wisdom bonus to her AC). This AC bonus functions just like the monk's AC bonus.



  • Sharpshooters Monocle

This crystalline eye patch has a targeting reticle inscribed within it. 3 times per day as a full round action the wearer is able to resolve a ranged attack against any target within range as a touch attack without any range penalties. This item must be worn for 24 hours before the enchantment becomes available.


  • Jaunt Boots

These stylish black leather boots are stitched with images of winding roads and trails through peaceful orchards. They can be worn up to mid-thigh, or have their cuffs turned down to make knee-high boots.

Three times per day, on command for 1 round when the wearer makes a 5-foot step, he can move up to 15 feet. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.


  • Glove of Repetitious Archery

3 times per day the wearer of this glove may cast Arrow Eruption, the caster level for this effect is 4 level. If the character wearing this glove is able to casts the Arrow Eruption Spell his caster level is considered 4 higher for the purposes of this spell.

This single glove occupies both hand slots for the purposes of magic items.



  • Headband of Ki Focus

This tied headband helps the wearer focus his ki more effectively. Whenever the wearer spends ki points to make an additional attack, that attack roll gains a +1 insight bonus (+2 if the wearer is using a ki focus weapon with that attack). Furthermore, the wearer of a headband of ki focus is immune to the ninja’s ki block trick or similar effects that block the wearer from using ki points.


  • Stormlure

A stormlure is usually fashioned from pieces of creatures known for their affinity to air—the feathers of birds, the shells of flying insects, and the scales of a dragon. When activated, stormlures call to the wind, causing a tempestuous gale. Once per day on command, the wearer of a stormlure is surrounding by swirling winds for 1 minute, granting a 50% miss chance against all ranged attacks, including rays and other ranged spells that require a roll to hit. This wind does not hinder the wearer of the stormlure in any way. At any one time during this duration, as a swift action, the wearer can cause the air around her to fill with crackling lightning, dealing 4d6 points of electricity damage to all creatures adjacent to her. A DC 14 Reflex save halves this damage.

Ring #1

  • Survivalist Ring

This ring combines a Ring of Feather Falling and a Ring of Sustenance.

Ring #2


  • Elven Traveling Cloak
  • This cloak has several properties that make travel more comfortable.
  • This cloak grants the wearer the effects of endure elements while worn
  • This cloak allows the wearer to produce food and water for 3 persons or 1 mount 3 times per day.
  • This cloak acts as a handy haversack.
  • Cost 5250 gp




Non Slot Items

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