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Ability Score Mod Temp Temp. Mod
Str 12 +1
Dex 14 +2
Con 12 +1
Int 12 +1
Wis 20 +5
Cha 12 +2


  • 65 Skill Points to Spend.

Total Skill Class Ability Mod Misc Ranks
Acrobatics Y Dex +2
Jump Y Dex +2
Appraise Y Int
Bluff Y Cha +1
Climb Y Str +1
Craft: Y Int +1
Craft: Y Int +1
Craft: Y Int +1
Diplomacy Y Cha +1
Disable Device Dex
Traps Dex
Disquise Y Cha +1
Escape Artist Y Dex +2
Fly Dex
Handle Animal Cha
Heal Y Wis +5
Intimidate Y Cha +1
Know: Arcana Y Int +1
Know:Dungeoneering Y Int +1
Know: Engineering Int
Know: Geography Y Int +1
Know: History y Int +1
Know: Local Int
Know:Nature Y Int +1
Know: Nobility Int
Know: Planes Int
Know: Religion Y Int +1
Linguistics Int
Perception Y Wis +5
Traps Wis
Perform: Y Cha +1
Perform: Y Cha +1
Profession Wis
Profession Wis
Ride Y Dex +2
Sense Motive Y Wis +5
Sleight of Hand Dex
Spellcraft Y Int +1
Stealth Y Dex +2
Survival Y Wis +5
Swim Y Str +1
Use Magic Device Y Cha +1
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