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Libations Domain

Granted Powers

Priests of the domain offer reverence toward their deity through the merriment of toasts and drinking. Due to this they gain a +1 on saves vs poisons, with a additional +1 every 5 levels.

Potent Drinks

  • At first level a priest of this domain may use his caster level in place of the minimum caster level for any potion he administers, including to himself.

High Potency Cocktail

  • At eighth level a cleric of this domain learns the ability to mix potions to create an explosive mixture. As a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity the cleric may mix 2 potions together to create a bomb similar to the alchemist ability. This bomb has a range of 30 ft with the area of effect being a 15 ft cone. It does 1d6 per combined levels of the potions used in the cocktail. He gains an additional use of this ability at twelfth level and every four levels beyond that.

Domain Spells

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