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*'''Align''': LN
*'''Align''': LN
*'''Favored Weapon''':  
*'''Favored Weapon''':  
*'''Domains''': Knowledge
*'''Holy Symbol''':
*'''Holy Symbol''':

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The Dwarves worship a pantheon of Deities. The nine Dwarven kings trace their linage to these heroes become gods and stand as the head of their perspective churches. The kings and queens adopt the name of their deity and number themselves as a continuation of their predecessor.


Orazium is the lord of the deep earth. He is the patron of miners,explorers and those that dwell in the dark reaches of the earth.

  • Align: N
  • Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick
  • Domains: Caves, Darkness, Exploration, Rune,
  • Holy Symbol: This holy symbol is a marble about the size of a coin that is made of volcanic glass. Runes appear to float in the center of the marble.


The all father.

  • Align: LN
  • Favored Weapon: Greataxe
  • Domains: Destruction, Leadership, Loyalty, Resolve
  • Holy Symbol:


Locnar loves the concept of invention, for good or bad. He has embraced the technological revolution. His priests are often experimenting with new an creative ways to accomplish a goal. Perhaps it is his chaotic influence that causes technology to be so volatile in the lands of Almbeth. There is more than one stoic dwarf that believes so, and every one who straps on a Rocket Assisted Propulsion Device says a prayer to Locnar as they rocket toward their destination.

  • Align: CN
  • Favored Weapon: Gatling Pistol
  • Domains: Chaos, Luck, Technology, and Trickery.
  • Holy Symbol: A golden cog with a 4 symbols representing the primary elements.


Yaminaraz is the protector of hearth and home.

  • Align: NG
  • Favored Weapon: Dagger, Swordbreaker
  • Domains: Family,Friendship, Freedom, Purity,
  • Holy Symbol:All holy symbols of Yaminaraz take the form a locket. These lockets can be of any shape or size but always contain an image of the users greatest love.


  • Align: LG
  • Favored Weapon:
  • Domains:
  • Holy Symbol:


Yemmishen is the goddess of love, and the muse for artistic endevors.

  • Align: CG
  • Favored Weapon:
  • Domains: Charm (Love and Lust acceptable), Luck, Good, Azata, Thought
  • Holy Symbol


Tastavi is the Keeper of the dead. He weighs the souls of those who have fallen.

  • Align: LE
  • Favored Weapon:
  • Domains:Death, Law, Memory,Souls
  • Holy Symbol:


  • Align: NE
  • Favored Weapon:
  • Domains:
  • Holy Symbol:


  • Align: LN
  • Favored Weapon:
  • Domains: Knowledge
  • Holy Symbol:
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