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Technology Domain

Granted Powers

The priest of this domain are the masters of every form of technology.

Master of Technology

  • At first level a priest of this domain may use his cleric level in the place of ranks in any skill relating to the use or creation of a piece of technology. He may us this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 plus his Wisdom modifier.


  • At eighth level the cleric gains Linchpin. Technology in Almbeth is always in a volatile state. The cleric with this domain power may utilize that potential to his advantage. He may target any piece of technology within 25 ft plus 5 ft per 2 levels with this ability. As an interrupt action the cleric may cause catastrophic failure of any technological device. He gains another use of this ability at twelth level and another each 4 levels beyond that, for a total of 4 uses per day at level 20.

Domain Spells

Jury-Rig (1st)

Make Whole (2nd)

Knock (3rd)

Minor Creation (4th)

Major Creation (5th)

Fabricate (6th)

Control Construct (7th)

Call Construct (8th)

True Creation (9th)

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