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As the line of the great emperor Heaydrion dwindles to almost extinction the Order of the Fang make a daring move. Forgoing the vengeance they have sought for many years and entrusting the line of kings to the last known heir to the empire, they created a weapon of great power. By binding the souls of line into a weapon crafted from the steal of the very weapon that cursed them, the fang have placed the hope of the future into the hands of the young would be lord.

This weapon is a combination of a rapier and pistol. It is a double weapon and follows all of the rules associated with double weapons.


The rapier portion of this weapon is a +1 Ghost Touch weapon


The pistol portion of the weapon is a +1 Distance weapon

Special Properties

Most of the special properties of this weapon are controlled by the spirits of the Line of Kings. They will only tolerate one of the line to act as their agent in the world and can be difficult to deal with at times. Utilizing the true power of this weapon can only be done by negotiating with the council of ancestors that now reside within the weapon.

Two as One

Any temporary enhancement bonus applied to either portion of this weapon apply to both portions if applicable. In the case of elemental or bursting effects the property is conveyed to the ammunition as will other ranged weapons. This ability functions independently of the council.


The Heir adds diplomacy and Intimidate to his list of in class skills if he did not previously possess them.

Council of Kings

A number of times per day equal to their charisma modifier, minimum once, the heir may take an hour and hold a council of kings. This council allows the Heir to convince the council that his plan of action best serves the line of kings, and ultimately the human race. At the end of this council the heir may make a Diplomacy check to win favor with the council and therefor gain access to stronger effects from the weapon.

The Heir receives the result of the Diplomacy check /10 in favor points. Favor points act as markers that allow the Heir to call upon the more advanced powers of the weapon. The heir may store a number of favor points equal to the ranks in diplomacy /2.

Should the Heir not have enough favor points to activate an ability he may attempt to intimidate the spirits of the former lords into granting access to the powers of the weapon. The DC for this intimidate check is the same as the Diplomacy check. Abilities activated in this manner still have a favor cost and can send the Heirs total favor points into the negative. An Heir may only go negative in favor for a number of points equal to his ranks in intimidate /2.


The Council is constantly in communication with the heir who wields this weapon. This communication is a double edge sword as they can provide important information as well as prove to be a great distraction. If the heir is acting with the councils blessing they are very helpful and provide the character with a heightened awareness, should the Heir be out of favor the impose a penalty as they try and convince the Heir to do something other than what he is doing. The character receives a bonus or penalty to perception checks and initiative rolls. This bonus/penalty is based on the number of favor points the character has and is a constant effect that requires no activation.

Current Favor Points -9 or more -8 to -7 -6 to -5 -4 to -3 -2 to -1 0 1 to 2 3 to 4 5 to 6 7to 8 9 or more
Bonus/Penalty -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5

Bolster Moral

The Heir may call upon the Council to aid him in his endeavors. If under the effect of any spell or ability that grants a moral bonus the heir may, with a move action, call on the council to bolster that bonus. This additional moral bonus stacks with the current bonus and uses all other effects of the spell or ability including duration and what the bonus effects.

This ability cost 1 favor point to activate.

Skill Ranks 1 to 6 7 to 12 13 to 18 19 or more
Skill DC 15 20 25 30
Bonus +2 +4 +6 +8

The Court of the Ancients

With this ability the Heir is able to call the spirits of the dead. The target of this ability can not have been animated as undead and the Heir must have some representation of the target (Signet, Gravestone, Body, Ect.). The council of kings hold trial and forces the spirit to answer the questions honestly. The number of questions is dependent on the level of success of the skills test as well as the number of favor points he wishes to spend.

Skill Ranks 1 to 6 7 to 12 13 to 18 19 or more
Skill DC 15 20 25 30
Number of Questions 1 3 5 7
Cost 1 2 3 4

The Lords Squire

This ability allows the heir to call forth a ghostly squire to aid him in combat. The abilities of the squire depend on the rank of squire that is summoned. Higher ranks of squire retain all of the abilities of the lower lever squires.

Summoning the Squire is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity The duration of the squire is equal to the final result of the skill check in rounds.

Squire rank Skill Rank Required Skill DC Cost Ability
1 1 10 1 The squire provides a flanking partner for the Heir
2 5 15 2 The squire provides a bonus on CMD equal to its rank
3 10 20 3 The squire provides a CMB equal to its rank
4 15 25 4 The squire provides a luck bonus on to hit and damage rolls equal to its rank.
5 20 30 5 If the heir confirms a critical attack in melee the squire will pounce on target, inflicting an addition 1d6 points of force damage per rank.

Royal Guard

As a move action the Heir may call upon the council for protection. When this ability is activated, members of the council flood the square that the heir occupies and remain with the heir throughout the combat. This ability has several effects.

  • 1. The heir gains a deflection bonus to AC indicated on the table below.
  • 2. The heir gains a moral bonus to all saving throws indicated on the table below.
  • 3. While this ability is active the Heir may make an intimidate check to frighten all within his threatened area. He gains a moral bonus on this check indicated on the table below.

Skill Ranks 6 to 10 11 to 15 16-19 20+
Skill DC 20 25 30 35
Bonus +2 +4 +6 +8

This ability cost 3 points to activate.

Army of the Emperor

Cost: 5 favor points Minimum ranks: 15

As a full round action the heir can call upon the council and declare war. With this ability the heir summons forth an army of his ancestors to flood an area and deliver vengeance on his enemies. This ability can not be activated with an intimidate check and much use positive favor points in order to activate.

The area of this ability begins as a 20 ft radius burst from the caster and expands 5 ft per round until it reaches a maximum area equal to 5 ft / diplomacy rank burst.

Any enemy within the area of effect must make a will save DC 15 + Heirs charisma mod or flee in fear.

At the beginning of every round in which the army is present the Heir makes a Diplomacy roll. Those that remain within the area of effect take damage equal to the final skill result. Undead in the area take double damage from the Army of the Emperor.

This ability has a duration of 1 round/Diplomacy rank. The heir may spend 2 additional favor points to extend this duration to 1 minute/Diplomacy rank. If 4 additional favor points are spent the duration becomes 1 hour/Diplomacy rank.

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