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As I have stated before I am not proud of how the war was finally ended.  It is hard to be heralded as a hero for an action that brings constant ridicule from your conscience.  So I have left the city and civilization behind.  I travel outside of our kingdom regularly, trying to find the sense of wonder that the war took from me.  I often see the Pyrotysts that formed my younger years and while we are friendly, there is a tension there because of my choice to go home to war. I have spent the last several years since the war working as a master of arms on a trading vessel that traffics in the northern isles.  It allows me the freedom from my past while allowing Thorn to keep close tabs on the Northerners that reeked so much havoc on our people.

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Talathriel El'Theriel's Adventures

How I met your mother

I left the A’Ellensor (the Elven lands) in a fit of wanderlust. I had travelled through many different lands helping here and there mainly doing item recovery. Part of the reason I left the elven lands was to avoid the court its politics and what my family saw as my responsibilities, an arranged marriage for political reasons.
I was travelling through the human lands just floating from one place to another when I first saw her. She was different from anyone I had seen before she was fiery of spirit and hair. When I met her she was fighting with four of the raiders in a losing battle. She managed to dispatch one of the raiders by collapsing his knee and following up with a crushing blow to the skull of the raider. Her Warhammer hung up in his head pulling her out of position as the orc falls, this left her open for a strike to her weapon arm from one of the other raiders. This wound left her weapon arm almost useless otherwise she might have been able to dispatch the rest, though it would have been a close call. I was able to dispatch two of them before they realized I was there. When the final one foolishly turned to me she finished him with a two handed swing of her Warhammer to his back crushing his spine into and through his heart.

Elven Engagement

After a year of courtship it was obvious to me that this is the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was fiery and outspoken and passionate in everything she did. When it dawned on me that I could not see my future without this woman by my side I made up my mind and I took what I saw as the biggest risk of my life to that point.
I left my fiery haired goddess behind, saying I had something to attend to in A’Ellensor, which was the truth just not the whole truth. As soon as I was out of sight of town I left the road and avoided it and all people on my way to and through A’Ellensor. I made my way to the Tree of Life, the largest tree at the center of the sacred grove in the center of A’Ellensor, there I beseeched the spirits of sky, earth, fire and water to bless my union with this woman. I did not know what to expect when I went there, what happened next certainly wasn’t it. I spent the next nine days subjected to the worst the elements could throw at me and being tempted, teased and tormented by nymphs and dryads. I had just about given up and started thinking the driving elements and torment from the nymphs and dryads was the answer. I would not receive their blessing but undeterred I was going to return to my fiery haired goddess and make a life with her despite everything. This is when a dryad I had not seen yet approached with carved rings chased with gold from the Tree of Life. I had received the spirits blessings now it was time to return to my fiery goddess and see if she would consent to be my wife.

Trail of Treachery?

After we returned and were proclaimed heroes my wife was now highly revered by most. Within the church she was promoted to High Priestess. This left her with many obligations and many enemies. Some felt she did not deserve the position because she chose to marry and raise the children of someone not of the faith.
Due to her obligations within the church and kingdom she was unable to accompany me when I undertook the trip to A’Ellensor (the elven lands) at the behest of the King of Thorvgard (my wife’s kingdom). The trip to the A’Ellensor was uneventful, my stay was less than productive. My parents were not enthused with my choice of taking a human as my wife. Although without a decree from the church and the king they had no way of forcing me to leave her. The king of A’Ellensor agreed to open negotiations with Thorvgard but nothing specific.
The trip back is when things got interesting. I was looking forward to getting back to my spirited priestess when I realized that I had not been paying close enough attention, as I was now surrounded by twenty guys with unfriendly intentions. I thought it was just run of the mill highway robbers at first. They had decided to try and spring their trap in the woods which is the only reason I survived. I was able to get away from the initial ambush by taking out two of the ambushers and disappearing into the woods. I spent two weeks dodging these guys and slowly eliminating them so they could not way lay any other travelers. The only unusual thing about these bandits is that there was an elf with them. I reported it to the next settlement and paid for a runner to carry a letter back to A’Ellensor with a report about the elf and where to find the body. Then travelled the rest of the way Thorvgard to find out that my wife had died in the last three days. I wonder now if the bandits were after me specifically.

Julian El'Theriel's Adventures

Reckless Youth & Childhood Friendships

While growing up in our local Kingdom, Julian had a small childhood crush on the King's Daughter. This relationship never blossomed to become more than a long term friendship, but did lead to a few awkward adolescent moments. The king's daughter was betrothed to the Son of a Neighboring King in a political Marriage, and as usually customary they were introduced at a young age, and it was not uncommon for the two Heirs to visit each other. During some of the earlier Visits of the Neighboring Prince to our kingdom, it was not uncommon for Julian to prank or harass the young prince in subtle but childish ways. These conflicts usually ended up with the Young prince, physically imposing individual even in youth, beating the crap out of Julian in a fist-fight. Fortunately, after Prince restored his 'honor' with a sound pummeling, he didn't hold a grudge. It was the Prince's deep sense of honor, combined with a kind and forgiving heart that initially piqued the Princess's affections. They grew to have a truly loving relationship, and both Kingdoms publicly look forward to their eventual marriage, and the couple inheriting both Kingdoms. Julian, considers both to be some of his closest and most trusted friend.
(Neighboring Prince: Lowlevel Lawful Good Barbarian. Dumpstats both Int and Wis for extra strength and Con. Buliwyf from 13th Warrior, with a lower IQ.)
(Local Princess: Beautiful princess, with huge Independent Tomboy Streak. Princess Merida from Brave.)

The Fascination With Elven Heritage

Though Julian may have inherited his mother's fiery hair and her clear hazel eyes, He also inherited from his father the small willowy build of an elf. As a child most of his peers in the neighboring villages were know for their strapping young farm boys and future Warriors.
Though never subject to outright cruelty or bigotry for his half-blooded nature, he was sensitive that it made him stand out from most of his peers. This uniqueness led to a fascination with Elven Culture. Most of the time his fascination, led to the curious questions of youth often directed to his father, or the well meaning harassment of the occasional elven traveler or adventurer that occasionally passed through the town. Though it also lead to his first adventure of youth.
At an early age, barely in his teens, Julian took it upon himself to visit the Elven Lands of A’Ellensor. Through mostly luck and tenacity, he did eventually make it close enough to be found lost and hungry by a patrol of Elven Hunters. They were amused by his thickly accented yet seriously formal elvish greeting and took him in. Julian spent a few weeks with some distant relatives, before a pair of angry yet relieved parents arrived to collect him. When it was time for his father and mother to take him home, His father noticed the various minor gifts from relatives. Specifically a Short bow, know to be a longtime family heirloom.
'Maer Farad' or Good Hunting. One of the bows that could be traced back through millennial & made before the beginning of Man. A bow considered to be unlucky and possibly cursed. 'Maer Farad' a bow sealed away for the last 3 generations of Elves because of it's history. The stories of a bow that could help nudge a hunter in the right direction to find his prey, but always in the end led the Hunter to a Violent end when his prey was more dangerous than expected. A curse that according to legend would be lifted by an Elf who wasn't an Elf.

Forester for the Crown

One of the draw backs of constant raids and conflict, is even when you eventually win and drive off the invaders you still have to deal with the consequences of families who have lost their way of life and the loss of property and loved ones required to continue on.
The King's coffers were already drained, farms and businesses had been burned to the ground, and Men lost to battle would be unable to return to the much needed work of rebuilding. Banditry began to rise as people either became desperate to support their families or were unwilling to lay down their weapons. The King and his men attempted to enforce law and order, but became more unpopular as the time went on. Criminals became more brazen with the ability to rob local merchants and disappear into the Deep forests spread throughout the kingdom. The King having to rely more and more on his Men to help keep the peace, kept those same men from returning to their homes to rebuild. The King needed to make a decision or risk loosing his Kingdom.
The King chose to strike at the root of the problem Using the classic tactic of combining the Velvet glove with the Iron fist. But first he needed to find where they were hiding. He went to a young man recently returned as a respected hero; a loyal friend to his own daughter. The king asked Julian to track down and find the criminal hideouts. When discovered, the King's Men would descend and decimate the Criminal groups. Immediately after each raid, the horde of stolen loot would be generously given to the Neighboring families and communities to help restore and rebuild their homes. With each brutal example made against the Thieving bands, the recovered plunder would be used to purchase food and supplies for the needy community.
Crime is again on the down swing, and the King's popularity for Protecting his people, as well as caring for their needs is at an upswing. Most of His men have returned home and are rebuilding and replanting for the years ahead. A small handful of men are permanently employed as King's Sheriff (Six or Eight in the Kingdom), with the authority to temporarily appoint deputies as the need may arise. Julian has been awarded the Title of Kings Forester, though he spends most of his time in the local Forests and little time actually performing his duties.
(Sheriff: Low-Level Adventurer with authority for maintaining the peace in a local area.)

Gabriel El'Theriel's adventures

First Love

I was just a young lad when I say my first Skyfire (firework) show. The flash of fire and the peal of thunder captured my imagination and my heart. I was six. After the show I ran home and told my parents I wanted to be a Pyrotyst. They thought I was joking, or young, or something. They thought that it was a passing interest I guess. They found out otherwise the next time the Pyrotyst came to town. During the show I sneaked into the Pyrotyst's wagon to discover where his magic that made the sky sing came from. What I found was a room full of powders, mixtures, potions, and scrolls. The sights, sounds, and smells of a working lab was awe inspiring, it was possibly the most magic place I had ever been. I could not tell you how long I stood entranced, but it was obvious that I lost all track of time. I was startled out of my reverie by the pyrotysts return to the wagon. I think she was a startled as I. Finding a child in the midst of her lab, precariously perched to gain a better view of her table elicited a cry of alarm, which started the domino effect that resulted in a large flash and the removal of my eyebrows and most of the hair on my head. I maintain to this day, that the accident was her fault, but my parents didn't see it that way.


After my mishap in the pyrotyts lab I was forced to serve out my penance in the church. Mother arranged for me to work as a page for the clerics in town. I fetched bandages, cleaned up rooms after the patients, and pretty much ran whatever errands the healers there had for me. It took three years for me to earn enough money to pay back my parents for the damage that I had caused to the Pyrotysts lab. In that time I learned that the same science that was used to fashion skyfire shows could be used to minister to the sick and injured. Once my debt had been paid I stayed on to apprentice under the healers there and learn the art of healing the sick with medicines and poultices rather than magic.

While the training as a Chirurgeon taught me the basics of biology and chemistry the teachings on the pyrotechnics was forbidden knowledge within the church and I eventually left to pursue the true love of my life. The next time the pyrotysts came to town I approached them as a young man and asked to apprentice under them. After a great deal of argument with my mother, my persistence won out and I was allowed to travel with them and learn their secrets.

In the 4 years I studied within the pyrotysts ranks I learned a great many things. How to craft and deploy fireworks and explosives, including the secret of firearms. How to brew different alcohols, potions, and poultices to encourage healing. I learned the art of creating and utilizing venom and plants to harm, though this practice is frowned upon it is useful information to have. Master craftsman from all nations and races plied their trade within the pyrotyts ranks and I leaned from them all.

Just before reaching journeyman status within the Pyrotysts I learned that my country, and my family was going to war. My teachers told me that I must make a serious choice before I was allowed to enter into the roles of the order. The order did not participate in the conflicts of nations or religions. It was because of this neutrality that the Pyrotysts could cross borders and trade with all the nations and races. That in order to join the ranks I would have to forswear my allegiance to my country and family. I thought about this for a great while. I desperately wanted to continue my education but my conscience, the one I would grow to know as Thorn, was persistent in its need to go and protect our family. Eventually Thorn won out and I returned home to assist in the time of war. I may never go back to the Pyrotysys. My name has been added to the list of those that have chosen something over knowledge. To them I am just another customer, no longer an insider.

The War

As I returned home to a country at war I began to apply the skills I learned in my apprenticeship. I made weapons, armor, explosives, and even poisons. I worked hand in hand with the church to provide healing to those that I could. I spent countless hours creating potions for our for line fighters. All these things I did and still Thorn craved for me to do more. We moved to the front lines to better administer aid where we could. In the beginning, on the few occasions where I was required to fight I left that over to Thorn, retreating away from the carnage that assaulted my sensibilities. Eventually I became indifferent to the violence of war, adapting explosives to fire from my gun to rain down destruction on my enemies, calling forth Thorn when I came to close to the fray. When my Family decided to take the fight to the other shore there was no way I could allow them to go alone. I insisted on coming with them, I even promised to follow the orders of my mother and father...I hate orders. I am not proud of what we did there, it was something that needed to be done, but Thorn reminds me that the means are as important as the ends.


As I have stated before I am not proud of how the war was finally ended. It is hard to be heralded as a hero for an action that brings constant ridicule from your conscience. So I have left the city and civilization behind. I travel outside of our kingdom regularly, trying to find the sense of wonder that the war took from me. I often see the Pyrotysts that formed my younger years and while we are friendly, there is a tension there because of my choice to go home to war. I have spent the last several years since the war working as a master of arms on a trading vessel that traffics in the northern isles. It allows me the freedom from my past while allowing Thorn to keep close tabs on the Northerners that reeked so much havoc on our people.

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