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The tribes draw strength from the spirits of the land and animals. It is a land of fierce creatures and wild people.


Mongol is home to nomadic tribes. There are tribes of humans, orcs, half orcs and centaurs predominately. There tribes are generally all of one race. There are some Halfling and a very few elven tribes in this area. Barbarian and Druid (shaman) are the predominate classes.

The centaurs generally being the smallest in number had a system of honor dueling to settle differences without diminishing their numbers. This system was also used by most of the human and a few of the half orc and orc tribes when dealing with the centaurs. Some of the other tribes started using single champion duels, usually to the death to settle their disagreements. Recently a centaur has risen that is winning duels and instead of wanting food or territory he is demanding the chief be loyal to him. He has started to be called the chief of chiefs. He has also started to gather tribes of other races under his banner, something that no centaur has ever done.

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