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A diamond in the rough Humble beginnings saw a child with an adventurous spirit brought into the world. His father a skilled hunter and his mother gifted with education beyond her station were blessed with a single child. Raised outside the town proper the skills and knowledge of his parents were shared from an early age. His family got along well with the other townsfolk and were well respected. That would serve them well when the dragon born descended upon them looking for the woman they had heard rumors of being anathema.

It was no easy task finding their prey as none of the locals had information to share. Word made it to the Father and Mother ahead of the swordsman, if just barely. Knowing full well that if they were caught together they would all be put to the sword, his mother stayed behind while father and young son fled. The swordsman arrived and after a brief and bloody fight that left several dead they executed their target.

Life changed for father and son. The woods became their home and hunting and trading their livelihood. The boy soaked up his father's teachings and grew to a young man that all knew as, Cyr. Their frequent trading brought them to town where he made friends, did those things young men were want to do and experienced things the wild could not teach. Friends were worth making and protecting, there was strength in numbers, and valor brought success. This was learned in unlikely ways but youth is want to teach lessons when least expected.

The nomadic life of hunters bought more time for the Father and Son trying to avoid any entanglement with the dragonborn. It wouldn't last forever. Deeper in the wild an ambush with a small patrol intent on trouble separated the two. The fight was brief, the father trying to pull as many away from his son who was finding that the skills of a hunter worked well in defending himself. Cornered and outmatched Cyr fought with valor to the end. Disarmed with the death blow moving towards him his mother's legacy flared. His anima flared and for a brief moment he seemed to reach out and touch the heart of creation. When his perception returned to him his foes lay at his feet and his weapons were again in his hands. He set off to find his father, unsuccessfully. Not knowing what to do he returned to town and the comfort of friends that would help him...

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