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The Dwarven Kingdom of Kressjkiste

Far to the south, standing alone against the dragons of Firemist, and the raiding lizardman clans of the jungle isle, is the Dwarven Kingdom of Kressjkiste (Kress-jah-kisst). Ruled by a council of seven kings, with a single High-King, they are the regarded not only for their unusual politics, but their skill in all crafts. Living a life under siege by marauding dragonkin, raiding Lizardman clans, and orcish pirates has made the Kressjkiste dwarves into a tough, hardy breed. Besides crafts, they are also renown warriors, including the most feared monster-fighters in the Isles, the wyvernslayers.

Still, they live what they would call a good life among the rolling foothills of the southern arm of the Dragonmist Mountains. Raising herds of sheep, growing the finest barley and grains to be found on the Isles, and worshiping the seven Bronze dwarven gods. The dwarves of Kressjkiste are not sorry at all about their 'plight'; no, in fact they generally feel as if they are the most fortunate of all the races of the Isles, and tend to feel bad for the rest that they, in fact, are not dwarves.

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