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The relative newcomers to the Isles, the Elves of Ellegale, almost litterally, washed up on the shores of the Calm Straights only two hundred years ago. Settling in the mostly unclaimed Pennisula of Elle with the blessing of the King of Krie, they have kept mostly to themselves, only participating in basic trade with their neighbors. In the last five years however, since the coming of Queen Sethra the Fair, they have become less isolationist and both accepting and sending emissaries with the Kingdom of Krie.

The elves that live on the Isle of Elle are another story. They broke away from the original elven colony almost immediately on arrival, and settled the small Island just off the shore of the peninsula. Though their island and population is small, they are generous and welcoming to all traders. They travel frequently and seem to delight in discovery. The elves of Ellengale seem to regard them as strange people who are afflicted with an odd disease. The elves of the Isle of Elle are who most people think of, when they think of elves on the Krizen Isles.

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