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The Kingdom of Krie

The shining jewel of the isles - Krie. It has the best farmland, the largest population, the largest army (currently, thanks to Sethra's father giving command of ten thousand highlander's to his daughter to maintain the peace), and the largest cities. Krie is the Krizen Isles. Made up of predominately humans, Krie is a religious nation, with the church having greater power that anywhere else on the isles. Knights of Andori lead the armies, clerics of the church advise the queen and her nobles, run the courts, enforce the laws, and govern the cities; Krie is a theocracy in all but name.

Four major noble houses control the kingdom, and each one boosts a different magical bloodline. Each family has their own duke, with their own agenda, and sometimes those agendas don't always line up with Queen and country, or the church...

But all is well in the realm, at least, on the surface. Queen Sethra is young, but fair, in both face and temperament, and she is advised by none other than Merlin Greybeard himself, the same man who fifty years ago predicted the events of the last twenty, and returned with Sethra, and the Orb, bringing the nation and isles out of twenty years of chaos.

It is a new age for Krie, and the isles, and who can say how this will play out?

The Four Great Houses
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