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Near the Valley of Greenoer

The Rathori Highlanders

High in the cold and rugged Rathori highlands, live the Highlanders. Pagans and rebels from the original Krie colonists, they have evolved over the last 800 years to become their own unique culture. Caught between Krie to the west, and the Vuntersan in the east, and some of the roughest, brutal terrain on the main island, the Highlanders take nothing for granted; not life, not honor, not each other. Currently united under a High-King, and loyal(ish) to Queen Sethra the Fair, the highlanders represent an unrivaled military force in current Isle politics.

For the most part, they live in villages and townships scattered throughout the highlands and on the western shore of the Daggerpoint Sea, the only major city the highlander's claim is Greenoer; the City in the clouds. It is their capital, and nestled in the high altitude and semi protected mesa in the heart of the highlands. Most Highlanders are cattlemen, grazing their herds freely and in migratory patterns. The ones that live on the lowlands of the Daggersea Shore are able bodied fishermen, who mingle blood, trade goods, and wars with the neighboring Vuntersan.

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