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File:Gate to the Light.jpg
The Eastern Gate to Portownsin

The Free Cities of Sauth

When people of the Kingdom think of the Free cities, they are generally only thinking of the two best known, Portownsin and Greenport. But these two glittering jewels are hardly the only oasis's in the Savannah of Sauth. Over a dozen cities fall under the umbrella of 'The Free Cities'. Most are small, only 1000 to 5000 souls who call the city home (Compared to Brefield, the smallest city in Northern Krie, at 15,000), but they are there, and they are free.

Remnants of the merchant rebels who left the kingdom without bloodshed hundreds of years ago, the Free Cities are the melting pot of the Isles. Dwarves, Elves, Vuntersan, Southern Krie Merchants, and Pirates of the Trillian Sea all come to trade in the Free Cities. Many times, one nation or another has threatened to Anex the Free Cities, which keep no standing army of any size. When invaders knock at your door, though, the Sultans have found it much more profitable to open your doors wide, shower them with wine and woman, sell them your wares, and send them home before buyer's remorse sets in.

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