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The Vuntersan Fjordsmen

Long before other men, dwarves, and elves arrived on the Krizen Isles, were the orcs and the Vuntersan. Large, brutal men, and beautiful, deadly women; the Vuntersan hold grudges just as long and cold as the north-easterly winds that make their fjords some of the harshest land on the isles. Constantly battling the goblin-kin to the south, and raiding lizardmen in the summer; and caught between the eastern sea and the western high peaks of the Silverridge Mountains, or the 'Graybeards" as the Vuntersan call them. The Vuntersan appear to outsiders to be carved out of the same jagged and harsh stone that make up their fjords.

With each other however, they are a people of fierce joy and fiercer passions. Locked in their great long houses during the long, cold eastern winter, they sing epic songs, and drink epic amounts of mead and ale. Spring and summer they pour out, weary of long-confinement and once again take to their boats and raid the coasts of the isles. The Vuntersan answer to no king, but have a complicated mesh of interweaving alliances and oaths than bind some clans together and keep others locked in blood-feuds that span dozens of generations.

Divided into three geological sections, the cultures of Northern, Middle, and Southern Vuntersan all have commonalities, but are still varied enough to be immediately apparent to one another, if not to outsiders. Each fjord section has at least a dozen clans and families, and all have their own web of old alliances and hatreds. Navigating the politics of the Vuntersan is as tough for an outsider as sailing the Fjords themselves; one false turn and you find your vessel torn apart by invisible rocks just beneath the surface.

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