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Okay, this is the new face and home of the shadowlandBBS wiki. We're using the latest version of MediaWiki, the same software that powers wikipedia. Supported software is good.

Set your bookmarks and dive in, that is, if you still trust the site. The new software is much more versatile and robust, so please play around with it and create to your heart's content. I'm choosing to see this as a chance to fix all the problems I had with the old site in one fell swoop.

  • Because this site is run by Saelle, there are Formatting Guidelines These will be more strictly enforced than last time. MediaWiki uses a different page naming system than WackoWiki, and we're going to adhere to it.

  • The Recent Changes page is usable as an RSS feed for those that feel like being randomly spammed.

  • I've spent some time organizing the Help Files for you, please see the link on the Navigation sidebar. For the impatient who want to see what's changed, I put together a shortlist for you. But you should still visit the Help Files section.
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