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Uploading a picture to sBBS

Uploading a picture to sBBS has never been easier, start by looking at the sidebar and locating the Upload File Link:

The Upload Link

That is going to bring you to the following page:

Upload something already!

Follow the easy instructions, and if everything went well, you'll get the next page, with some important information on it:

The relevant info about your picture

Now, what I usually do, when I am editing a page and decide I need a picture for the page is Right Click on the Upload File link and open it in a new tab. I upload my file, and then when I have the info page up, I highlight the file name at the top ("File:Dwarfpirate.jpg" in the example), then I paste that into the tab where I am editing the page, and into an image link, which looks something like:

[[File:Dwarfpirate.jpg|center|thumb|300px|A Dwarf Pirate! Arrr!]]

That will get you the following result on your page:

A Dwarf Pirate! Arrr!

Enjoy! For more information on images and displaying them on your pages, go read Image Help on the MediaWiki site.

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